impression Van Raam manufacturer special needs bicycles new construction


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impression Van Raam manufacturer special needs bicycles new construction

Kingspan (supplier of sustainable, high-quality products for the construction sector) has used Van Raam and the new Van Raam premises at Guldenweg 23 in Varsseveld, the Netherlands as an example project to show the processing of cavity wall insulation.

New sustainable building for manufacturer of bicycles Van Raam

The new Van Raam premises will have 1,784 solar panels, geothermal heat pumps and a vertical ventilation system. The application of good insulation is essential within this building principle.

We aspire to a sustainable building where zero-energy is the starting point.

Peter Heinen (project leader of the new building)

Kingspan and contractor Klaassen about the new Van Raam building

Van Raam in Varsseveld, an ambitious construction project fully focused on the future, thanks to the use of high-quality Kingspan insulation, Therma TW50 cavity plate and Therma TR26 FM flat roof plate.

Although Klaassen Groep already has a lot of experience with sustainable buildings, Te Molder from Klaassen Groep sees the new Van Raam location as a special project. "For a business premises we set high standards to things as sustainability and energy performance. I think this is a good example of where we are going eventually.”

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