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Sustainable climate system in new Van Raam bicycle factory

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sustainable climate system van raam bicycle factory

In the beginning of 2019, Van Raam has moved to the new bicycle factory in Varsseveld. From the beginning, it was clear that the new factory had to have a sustainable climate system. With various parties, Van Raam has designed a sustainable factory. Now, the climate system is fully in use.

Sustainable climate system

The Van Raam bicycle factory has a modern installation system that has been installed by Heva, an installation company. The sustainable climate system consists of 25 closed soil sources, which are 130 meters deep in the ground, and filled with a glycol mixture, 2 heat pumps with each having a buffer vessel suitable for 1500 liters of water; one for hot water and one for cold water. Furthermore, the climate system is supplemented with air-conditioning (from Carrier) and two air handling units on the roof (from Mark Climate Technology). An extra air handling unit from Lutec has been installed in the production hall, which has already been expanded in 2022 with an additional same filter unit.The factory is equipped with, among other things, insulation material (from Kingspan), HR+++ insulated glass and solar panels on the roof, each with 300WP. These solar panels provide more than the necessary electricity in the factory.

sustainable climate system van raam bicycle factory
Sustainable climate system in new Van Raam bicycle factory

The factory can be compared with a refrigerator.

Peter Heinen (project leader of the new building):

Similar to a refrigerator

When the heat pumps were installed by Heva and the at least 18 cm thick, concrete floor has been poured, the system could be set in motion. At first, the temperature of the floor has been set extra high in order to reach the desired temperature. After more than a week, the factory has reached the right level. Now, the climate system just uses minimal power to keep the indoor temperature the same.

The factory can be compared with a refrigerator: if you keep the door of the refrigerator closed, the temperature will remain the same and very little energy will be used. This principle also applies to the new bicycle factory. Every large entrance has an air lock area between doors to keep the heat inside. And instead of opening a window, conditioned fresh air enters through the ventilation system. Because of this, the temperature in the factory will remain the same as much as possible. The climate system goes one step further in the production area: warm air rises from the floor, and will be drained by the ventilation system. Then the air is filtered and brought back into the production area together with fresh air (to maintain good air quality). During the day, circulation occurs more often for fresh air. With this sustainable climate system, the temperature will not get below the 18° Celsius during the winter and during the summer not rise above the 24° Celsius.

article installation and sanitair van raam bicycle factory
Dutch article about the sustainable Van Raam factory

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new building van raam bicycle factory
New Van Raam bicycle Factory

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