Bicycle for the blind at Van Raam adapted bikes


Bicycle for the blind at Van Raam adapted bikes

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Bicycle for the blind at Van Raam adapted bikes

For people who are blind or have some kind of visual disability it is not always easy to keep moving. As a manufacturer of adapted bicycles, we at Van Raam offer several solutions. Read more about the bicycle for the blind here.

Why a bike for visually impaired cycling?

In almost any type of activity, the blind, and visually impaired often rely on the assistance of others. This is no different in bicycling for and with the blind. It takes a good, sighted pilot to clearly give direction - then even a spread out bike ride for the blind is no longer a problem.

Because cycling is a lot of fun for many blind and visually impaired people and helps with the following points:

  • To get from A to B
  • As a vacation and leisure activity
  • As a sports activity
  • To run daily errands
  • Strengthens social contacts
van raam bike for visually impaired cycling

Which bike for blind ?

Van Raam offers several bicycles for the blind. Learn more about the Van Raam range in the text below.

Fun2Go side by side tandem

The Fun2Go side by side tandem is a custom bike designed especially for people who are limited in their mobility. On this tandem two can cycle side by side. The entrance to this tricycle is completely accessible, which makes it easy and comfortable to get on. The seats are wide enough so that both riders have enough space. Independently of the other, each can pedal for himself and according to his strength.

The Fun2Go tricycle is particularly suitable as a bicycle for blind people to make an excursion together and keep moving, that the driver takes control and 100% responsibility. So the blind person can always cycle along safely and this ensures recreational fun for two.

View Fun2Go

Fun2Go Bicycle for the blind at Van Raam adapted bikes

Blind tandem cycling

Besides the side by side tandem Van Raam also offer other tandems. Because if independent cycling is not (anymore) possible, a tandem where you can cycle behind each other can offer a solution. You can also choose which of you sits in front and which in the back. Van Raam's tandems have a low or even no entrance, two or even three wheels and can be extended with various options. In this way you can enjoy cycling together.

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Tandem blind cycling Bicycle for the blind at Van Raam adapted bikes

Chat rickshaw transport bike

The Chat makes it possible to talk to each other (Chat(ten)) while enjoying a comfortable bicycle tour. (Lonely), elderly and also blind people can, for example, travel together with others and thus be taken out of their isolation for a while. To make it easy for everyone to get on, this bike has an easy to use foot plate that can be lowered.

View Chat rickshaw

Rickshaw bicycle for the blind at Van Raam adapted bikes

Wheelchair bicycles for the visually impaired

Van Raam also has a solution for people who are visually impaired and sit in a wheelchair. The wheelchair bicycles OPair and VeloPlus are suitable to be on the road even if a person can no longer pedal independently. The OPair has an adjustable seat for the passenger and with the VeloPlus someone can be transported in his own wheelchair.

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Wheelchair bicycle for blind at Van Raam adapted bikes

Options for the bicycle for the blind

Van Raam offers many different options that can simplify cycling on a bicycle for the blind. Besides an electric version of a Van Raam special bike, which gives you extra support while cycling, you can also choose a stick holder for the blind, mirrors, turn signals, and also a swivel seat that makes boarding easier (for the Fun2Go side by side tandem). Check out these and other options on our options page.

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Configure your own bike

In the configurator you can see what options are available for your chosen bike. You can also see here directly what price the option has. In our online configurator you can customize your own bike. Do you want to know what is available for your Van Raam bike? Click on the buttons below to go to the configurator.

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