6 things to check before you go cycling Video


6 things to check before you go cycling - Video

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6 things to check before you go cycling Video

You want to cycle safely and be mobile (again). To ensure that you are mobile and safe on the road, we have compiled 6 points in our video with article that you should check before you set off.

Video: 6 things to check before you cycle

Tip: Dutch is spoken in this video, so feel free to turn on the subtitles for accompanying text and explanations.

Check these 6 points

Before you start cycling, it is best to check the following points.

1. Brakes

In the video we start with the brakes, more specifically the parking brake. By applying slight pressure and pushing the bicycle forward with the parking brake applied (on bicycles with more than two wheels), we can feel if it is working properly. In this case, as seen in the video, it works well.

Next, we check the handle brakes. We release the parking brake of the bicycle and apply the handle brake for the rear wheels and try to push the bicycle forward a little. This brake works. We do the same with the front brake. Would you like to know more about the brakes on Van Raam bicycles? Then read the article 'Brake systems on Van Raam special bikes'.

6 things to check before you go cycling brakes

2. Lighting

Of course, the lighting is also very important. On a bicycle with pedal support, these lights turn on automatically when you switch on the pedal support. When the pedal support is on, you can check that the lights are on.

If you do not have a pedal assist, you turn on the exposure directly at the lights and can then check them.

Learn how the Van Raam Electric System lighting works in our article 'Van Raam Electric System Lighting'.

6 points to check before cycling Video lighting

3. Battery system

If you have a bicycle with pedal assistance, you will naturally want to know how much capacity your battery has left before you start cycling. There are two ways to do this.

The first way is to look at the display when it is switched on. On the display, you can see how much capacity you have left based on the number of lights that are lit on the display. The more lights that are on, the more capacity your battery has.

On the battery itself, you can also see how much capacity the battery has left. Again, the more LED's burning, the more capacity you have. For more information, also read our article 'Tips for optimal performance of Van Raam bike batteries'. 

6 points to check before cycling Video battery system

4. Tyres

Very important, of course, are the tyres. In the case of tyres, there are a number of things to consider. First of all, let's look at the profile. This is easy to see. Are the grooves deep enough? Then the tread is good. The second point is the tyre pressure. You can easily see this by applying light pressure with your thumb on the tyre to see if it is hard enough. On the side of the tyre there is also an indicator for the correct air pressure.

6 things to check before cycling Video Tyres

5. Overall impression

Of course, you can also check some things yourself by simply sitting on the bike and looking for play or loose parts.

6. Extra options

This way you can also see and feel if the different options are still working.
Now we are ready for a safe and comfortable bike ride. We wish you lots of riding fun!

6 things to check before you go cycling Video

Tips for maintaining your bike

Every bicycle with or without an electric system needs to be maintained. Whether it is a two-wheeled, three-wheeled, wheelchair, tandem, parallel or scooter bicycle. Did you know that there are also a number of things you can check yourself? We would like to give you some tips on how to keep your Van Raam bicycle in top condition. 

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