3 wheel bike by Van Raam for adults and children


3 wheel bike by Van Raam for adults and children

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3 wheel bike by Van Raam for adults and children

Are you looking for a 3 wheel bike or 3 wheel electric bike and want to find out what the possibilities and options are? Then read on! We give you information about our Van Raam adult 3 wheel bikes and Kids 3 wheel bikes. Find out more about your mobility options with a 3 wheel bike here.

3 wheel bicycle from Van Raam

Van Raam has been a manufacturer of individual adapted bicycles for more than 110 years, including the 3 wheel. A 3 wheel bike from Van Raam is individually adapted to your needs and wishes. Read more about the 3 wheel bicycles for adults and children and the options available to you below. First take a look at the general advantages of a Van Raam tricycle:

  • Be mobile again and have your freedom back
  • The best driving characteristics
  • Many options and adjustments possible
  • Great attention to comfort / comfortable cycling
  • Standard handlebar limit
  • Environmentally friendly powder coating
  • Good independent test results
  • 5 year warranty on frame; front fork and paint
  • More than 110 years of experience in one of the most sustainable factories in the Netherlands
3 wheel bike by Van Raam for adults and children

Adult 3 wheel bike

At Van Raam, we have more than one 3-wheel bicycle for adults. Van Raam has these different types of 3 wheel adult tricycles in its range:

  • A comfortable tricycle with seat, low step and lower seating position.

  • Traditional 3 wheel bike

  • A tricycle with low step

  • A compact electric tricycle 3 wheel bike

  • A 3 wheel bicycle with double tyres at the front and one wheel at the rear.

Learn more about these adult 3 wheel bikes below.  

  • Comfortable adult 3 wheel bike easy rider

    Comfortable tricycle bike

    An adult 3-wheel bike with which you can ride comfortably and stably and which also has a low step and a seat with back support? The Easy Rider belongs to this 3 wheel bike type. In addition to the adult version, the bike is also available in a smaller version with the Easy Rider Compact and also in a sporty version with lower handlebars in the form of the Easy Sport.

  • traditional adult 3 wheel bike maxi

    The traditional 3 wheel bike

    The adult 3-wheel bike has 2 wheels at the back and one at the front. It also has a high seating position. This category includes the Van Raam 3-wheel bikes: Maxi and Midi, the second being a smaller version of the Maxi. A traditional 3-wheel bike offers you more stability because of the three wheels, and you can stay on your bike when you stop and do not have to get off. 

  • Adult 3 wheel bike with low step through Maxi Comfort

    A tricycle with a low step through

    Van Raam has a variation on the traditional tricycle. The Maxi Comfort. It offers you a deep and spacious entrance and a different, special seating position. This allows you to reach the ground with both legs at all times and at the same time perform the optimal knee movement.

  • electric mobility scooter adult 3 wheel bike Easy Go

    Easy Go electric mobility scooter bike

    The Easy Go electric bike is an adult tricycle for adults who have a changing energy level. On this tricycle you have three choices:

    1. Cycle entirely under your own power,

    2. ​Cycling yourself with electric pedal support

    3. Cycling with 100% electric assistance.

  • Adult 3 wheel with two wheels at the front

    3 wheel with two wheels in front

    An adult 3-wheel bicycle with double tyres in the front and one wheel in the back. This can help if, for example, you have problems estimating the width of the bike. We offer this type of 3 wheel in a smaller version, the Viktoria and in a larger version with the Viktor.

Find out more about all the bikes on the product page or on the overview page tricycles for adults.

Tricycles for adults

Become mobile again!

All Van Raam tricycles are available with many options & accessories, so that your 3 wheel bike becomes as unique as you are and you get it exactly the way you need your bike. Configure your bike in our online configurator, here you can also directly see all the options for your chosen bike.

Kids 3 wheel bike

In addition to adult tricycles, we also offer 3 wheel bikes for children who cannot ride a child's two-wheeler. We have the following 4 kids 3 wheel bikes in our range for you:

  1. Kids 3 wheel bike Husky

  2. Mini 3 wheel bike for childeren

  3. Midi kids 3 wheel cycle

  4. Easy Rider Compact Small 3 wheel bike

The Kids 3 wheel children's bikes manufactured by Van Raam are also individually adapted to the needs of the child. Read more about the individual 3 wheels in our article: Tricycles for children with disabilities 

Kids 3 wheel bike

Kids 3 wheel bike by Van Raam

3 wheel electric bike

Almost all Van Raam 3 wheel bikes can be optionally equipped with an electric motor and comfortable pedal assistance. If you choose this option, the 3 wheel e-bike will be delivered as a Smart e-bike with the Van Raam app. This allows you to benefit from many extras, such as information about the battery and the location of your bike in the app. Read more about the Van Raam Smart 3 wheel e-bike on the Van Raam App page.

Kids 3 wheel bike

3 wheel electric bike Van Raam for adults and children

Customer experience from 3 wheel bike owners

Read the following experiences of 3 wheel bike owners.

Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle - Suze Korver
10 / 10
Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle - Suze Korver
February 2014 changed Suze's life forever. A bacterial infection caused sepsis, leaving her in a coma for 3 months and requiring both her lower legs and hands to be amputated. Read Suze Korver's admirable story in this customer experience and watch the video.
Read this customer experience
Customer experience Maxi tricycle – Theo Wittebol
9 / 10
Customer experience Maxi tricycle – Theo Wittebol
Theo likes to go out with his Maxi tricycle and with his girlfriend, who also has a Maxi. They regularly make cycling trips and even go on cycling holidays together. In this customer experience you can read more about their experiences.
Read this customer experience
Customer experience scooter bike Easy Go - Astrid van der Plank
9 / 10
Customer experience scooter bike Easy Go - Astrid van der Plank
I am Astrid van der Plank (44) and I own the Easy Go scooter bike since July 2018. I use a scooter bike because I have Spinocerebellar Ataxia type 28 (SCA28). SCA28 is a rare chronic neurological disease that, among other things, causes balance and coordination problems. When I could no longer cycle on a bike with two wheels, because I fell continuously, I started looking at alternatives. I tried several Van Raam bikes, but nowadays I am happy to use my scooter bike Easy Go.
Read this customer experience

Stay up to date about the 3 wheel bike

The Van Raam website offers a wide range of options and information about the 3 wheel. New articles appear weekly and you can read customer experiences so you know what others think of the Van Raam bikes. But we also share a lot about the different options via various social media channels where Van Raam is active.

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van raam easy rider electrical tricycle adults

Electric tricycle adults increasingly popular

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