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Customer experience Maxi tricycle – Theo Wittebol

Customer experience Maxi tricycle – Theo Wittebol
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Theo likes to go out with his Maxi tricycle and with his girlfriend, who also has a Maxi. They regularly make cycling trips and even go on cycling holidays together. In this customer experience you can read more about their experiences.

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A new Maxi with pedal support

My name is Theo Wittebol, I'm 56 years old and I live in Hoorn, the Netherlands. I used to cycle on a Van Raam Maxi tricycle without pedal support and that was fine with me, but at a certain point I got the advice of friends and family to buy an electric tricycle. At first I didn't think it was necessary, but my girlfriend then also bought an electric Maxi tricycle and of course I couldn't stay behind!

Order and delivery

I ordered the tricycle at a Van Raam dealer in Hoorn. They are friendly people. The delivery took a bit longer because of corona, but once the Maxi arrived, it all went very well. They even brought it to my house.

We are very happy with our Maxi's!

Theo Wittebol

Bike tours with the Maxi tricycle

It's a feast to cycle. My girlfriend has a Maxi in the color royal blue and I have an oceangrean one. In spring and autumn we regularly go out with the tricycles and in the summer we go on cycling holidays for several days. Luckily we can take the Maxi's on the train and with the Valys cab.

On cycling holiday together

The pictures are from August 2020. We were supposed to go to SAIL Amsterdam then, but unfortunately that was cancelled. However, we cycled from IJmuiden via Spaarndam to Amsterdam, where we also spent the night for a couple days.

Van Raam Bike App

I'm very happy with the pedal support and that the front and rear lights go on immediately when I turn on the pedal support. The Van Raam Bike App is also  super handy. After a long bike ride I always look at the route we've cycled. We are both very happy with our Maxi's!

Van Raam E-Bike App

Theo Wittebol customer experience Maxi tricycle
With our Maxi tricycles on the train

Theo Wittebol – Hoorn (the Netherlands)
Model: Maxi tricycle

Pros & cons
  • Friendly dealer
  • Useful Van Raam cycling app
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