Van Raam opens showroom with Van Raam bicycles in the South of Germany

On our website you can find a lot of information about our special needs bikes. But if you want to know which Van Raam bike suits you the most, we always recommend to do a test ride. In addition to our new, modern factory and showroom with Van Raam bicycles in Varsseveld (the Netherlands), we have now also opened a Van Raam showroom / experience center in Germany. From March the 4th, 2019, it is possible to make an appointment at 'Van Raam Beratungszentrum Deutschland-Süd', the German Van Raam showroom in Treuchtlingen, in the South of Germany. Here it is possible to take a test ride free of charge on a Van Raam bicycle and to get advice about an adapted Van Raam bicycle.

Van Raam showroom/experience center in the South of Germany

The showroom / experience center of Van Raam is in Treuchtlingen, this is in the South of Germany. Treuchtlingen is close to Nürnberg and Ingolstadt and the showroom is near the train station.

  • Address: Ansbacherstrasse 62, D 91757, Treuchtlingen, Germany
  • Contact: Hans Danielsen
  • Telephone number: +49 9142 2049643 
  • E-Mail:
Opening hours - Feel free to make an appointment for a test ride and we will be happy to help you!

Just like in the showroom in Varsseveld, it is possible to try different models of Van Raam bikes in the showroom / experience center in Germany. In addition, we are happy to give the right advice and prepare custom offer. Just as in our showroom in the Netherlands, we do not sell bicycles here. This goes through a dealer or local bicycle shop. They will also take care of service and warranty.

The importance of a test ride with a special needs bike

Cycling on a special needs bicycle or a bicycle with more than two wheels is very different from cycling on a traditional bike with just two wheels. During a test ride on a tricycle, side-by-side tandem, wheelchair bike, tandem or other special needs bicycle, you can experience how cycling on a bike like this works and which type and model suits you best.

Van Raam has a large showroom in the Netherlands with all the Van Raam bikes at our business premises in Varsseveld. By appointment you are welcome in our showroom and one of our advisors gives you advice about the bikes, the possible options on the bikes and it is also possible to make a test ride with one or more models.

Since Monday, March 4, 2019 it is also possible to visit our showroom in Treuchtlingen, in Germany.


Midi tricycle

The Midi tricycle is suitable for children or smaller adults. With the three wheels you have extra support and stability while cycling

View the Midi

Maxi tricycle

A traditional tricycle for adults because of the three wheels you can sit on your bike if you are waiting at the traffic lights.

View the Maxi

Tricycle Maxi Comfort

The low entry makes it easy to get on the Maxi Comfort. This option offers a solution for people who have difficulty raising their legs.

View the Maxi Comfort

Tricycle Easy Rider

It has a unique frame with low step through and a stable lower sitting position. The low centre of gravity, seating with a back support and steering in front give the rider a safe and secure feeling.

View the Easy Rider

Recumbent trike Easy Sport

This recumbent trike has ergonomic seating, with adjustable seat height and the seat angle ensures optimum support. The frame suspension guarantees extra comfort.

View the Easy Sport

Tricycle Viktor

This tricycle is specially designed for people who have difficulty estimating the width of a tricycle, hence the two wheels on the front.

View the Viktor

Tricycle Viktoria

This tricycle is specially designed for smaller people who have difficulty estimating the width of a tricycle, hence the two wheels on the front.

View the Viktoria

Scooter bike Easy Go

The Easy Go scooter bike is a bicycle, e-bike and a mobility scooter in one. If you have a fluctuating energy level, this can be a good option.

View the Easy Go


Tandem for adults with two wheels. You can use the optional switchable freewheel  to determine whether and how the passenger pedals.

View the Twinny

Twinny Plus

Tandem for adults with three wheels. With this tandem, it is also possible to turn the position of the driver and the passenger around.

View the Twinny Plus


The Kivo is a child-parent tandem with a grown-up sitting behind and a child sitting in front. The child can get a good view of the environment.

View the Kivo

Kivo Plus

The Kivo Plus is a child-parent tricycle tandem with a grown-up sitting behind and a child sitting in front. The child can get a good view of the environment. 

View the Kivo Plus


A three-wheel tandem, in which the users sit beside each other. One person steers, both can pedal. The two persons have a good view and can communicate well with each other due to the seats being next to each other.

View the Fun2Go


Duo bike trailer behind the duo bike which can be attached behind an existing or new Fun2Go side by side tandem. Suitable for a helper who want to cycle with several people at the same time.

View the FunTrain


The OPair is a wheelchair bike with which you can transport a wheelchair user. A seat for the wheelchair user/passenger is affixed to the front of the bike.

View the Opair


The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is designed for transporting people, who can remain seated in their own wheelchair, by cycle. 

View the VeloPlus

Benefits of a visit to one of our showrooms

A visit to our showroom in the Netherlands or Germany has the following benefits:

✓ You always get a personal advice.
✓ In our showroom you can see all Van Raam standard bikes.
✓ You can try out different (e-)bikes + options
✓ You will receive (if desired) a custom offer.
Want to try a Van Raam bicycle yourself?
make an appointment for a test ride in our showroom in the Netherlands.
If you would like to make an appointment in our new showroom in Germany, please indicate this in the form or during the telephone call.

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