Tricycle wheelchair bike by Van Raam for children and adults

A tricycle wheelchair bike offers people in a wheelchair the possibility to take part in bicycle tours with friends and families. But also to make their everyday life easier a wheelchair tricycle from Van Raam can be used. Van Raam has various tricycle wheelchair bikes in the assortment, read more about the wheelchair bikes in this article.

Tricycle wheelchair bike by Van Raam for children and adults

Various Van Raam wheelchair trikes

Van Raam has many different adapted bicycles in its assortment, including two tricycles wheelchair bikes one with which you can transport a wheelchair user sitting in a wheelchair in front of the bicycle and one where the wheelchair user can sit in front of the bicycle. These are the tricycles for wheelchairs:

Learn more about the tricycles for wheelchair users below.  Read the article "Cycling with a wheelchair user" to learn more stories and experiences about the wheelchair bikes.

Wheelchair trikes
VeloPlus the tricycle for wheelchair users

VeloPlus the tricycle for wheelchair users

The VeloPlus wheelchair bicycle is a tricycle for wheelchair users, with this wheelchair bicycle you provide a means of transport for people who have to remain seated in their own wheelchair.

Almost every hand-operated wheelchair, up to a width of 72 cm, can be placed on the tricycle for wheelchairs tiltable platform of the bicycle and be secured, without much strength or extra help. The steering front wheels provide a smaler turning circle and a lot of stability while riding.

The VeloPlus is often used in care homes and institutions in order to transport different people and also to get (back) outside to the fresh air. Optionally, the bicycle can also be equipped with a reinforced frame. For more information about options read on or visit the options page. For technical specifications and 360 degree photos, see the product page of the VeloPlus wheelchair tricycle.

VeloPlus the tricycle for wheelchair user platforms
VeloPlus wheelchair tricycle pedal support Van Raam
VeloPlus the tricycle for wheelchair users belts
tricycle for wheelchair users VeloPlus
Wheelchair tricycle OPair

Tricycle wheelchair bike OPair

The OPair is a tricycle wheelchair bike with which you can transport a wheelchair user, it is suitable for example for cycling together with adults or children who can no longer ride independently. The bicycle is extremely comfortable for the driver and the passenger. With this tricycle, the passenger can sit in the front seat, which is individually adjustable in many different ways.

If desired, it is of course also possible to mount a separate seat. The driver has a very good overview behind the passenger and a good view of the passenger. The slightly sloping front wheels give the wheelchair tricycle extra driving comfort and stability. Optionally, the front part of the wheelchair can also be detached from the bike and used independently as a wheelchair.  For more information and detailed 3D pictures please see the OPair product page

OPair wheelchair tricycle belt Van Raam
Tricycle wheelchair bike OPair footrest
Tricycle wheelchair bike OPair divided
OPair wheelchair tricycle pedal support Van Raam

Advantages of the wheelchair tricycles

  • Variety in everyday life and good for body and soul
  • Cheaper than the car 
  • Family excursions are possible again
  • More mobility and freedom   

  • Comfortable and stable
  • Optimal seating position for drivers
  • Good visibility for passenger and driver
  •  For children and adults 

Wheelchair tricycle videos

Electric tricycle wheelchair bike

The Van Raam wheelchair tricycles are optionally available with pedal support, as electric tricycles. Since 2011, Van Raam has had its own electric pedal assistance system, the Silent System. Not only the motors, but also the batteries, the controller, the smart display and the software itself were developed by and for Van Raam, specially for the special needs bikes. It stands out for the following advantages:

  • Easy operation
  • 3 electric pedal support stands
  • Starting aid
  • almost noiseless motor
  • Award-winning and powerful

  • Modern and efficient electronics
  • High quality and safe batteries
  • Individually adjustable support adapted to the handicap 
  • The pedal support works forwards and backward
  • A smartphone app where you can change the electrical settings of your bike

This makes it possible for almost everyone and under almost all circumstances to travel longer distances with the passenger on a wheelchair tricycle. Get more information over the pedal support for wheelchair tricycles on the pedal support side.

Pedal support

User experience of people with wheelchair bicycles

OPair wheelchair bike

"Cycling eight hundred kilometers with a wheelchair bike without pedal support. That sounds like a challenge. A challenge that Richard Hernández accepted together with his disabled son Andrés."

Richard Hernández - Buenavista (Spain)

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OPair wheelchair bike

"Grandparents of young Jack, who is non ambulatory, purchased an OPair for Jack's birthday. What a great gift!"

Family of Jack - America

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OPair wheelchair bike

"We had a fantastic cycling holiday with a 98-year-old and the OPair in Norfolk. Beautiful quiet lanes and courteous drivers. We also used the OPair to take a friend to a medical appointment."

Jess Lee - Ruislip

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"Last Sunday we made our 'maiden voyage' with 20 degrees Celsius !!! We hope that we can enjoy this beautiful cargo bike from Van Raam throughout the summer."

Toon Lepoutre & Joyce Leeftink - Winterswijk

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"I am a happy entrepreneur from company Jimlog in Porvoo, a taxi service company with a wheelchair bike at our disposal. I just wanted to thank you for the 'superbike' you developed. "

Jimmy Gustafson - Porvoo (Finland)

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"We had our delivery recently and we have a cool sister too who has learnt to take her sister for a ride! Here is Erin taking her big sister Lois for a ride!"

Claire Huntingdon - Wakefield

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Accessories and options wheelchair bikes

In addition to the Van Raam pedal support, there are many other options and accessories to customize your wheelchair tricycle to your needs. Think for example of foot rests for foot fixation, winch, different colours, stick holders.