The Easy Rider 2 tricycle

The new Easy Rider tricycle is available as from 1-1-2021. Read more about the previous version of this tricycle, the Van Raam Easy Rider 2.

The renewed Easy Rider
The renewed Easy Rider

Renewed Easy Rider

Want to know more about the renewed Easy Rider? Take a look at the Easy Rider product page.

Easy Rider product page

Pictures Van Raam Easy Rider 2

e-bike tricycle Easy Rider 2
Tricycle Easy Rider 2 with seat and pedal support
Tricycle Easy Rider 2 for adults and elderly
Display pedal support system Van Raam tricycle
Van Raam Easy Rider 2 adult tricycle
Smartphone app Van Raam special needs bikes
Luggage carrier tricycle Easy Rider 2
Battery Van Raam tricycle Easy Rider 2
Motor tricycle Easy Rider 2 Van Raam

Videos Easy Rider 2

Specifications Van Raam Easy Rider 2

SKU 341-0000
Inside leg length (adjustable)​ 69-95 cm
Boarding height 38 cm
Weight +/- 43 kg
Max. cycle length 210 cm
Max. cycle width 75 cm
Wheel size front 20"
Wheel size back 20"
Brakes Adjustable
Standard color (adjustable) Ocean green / silver
Max. User weight 120 (reinforced until 150 and extra reinforced until 180) kg
Standard including Lighting, lock, bell, parking brake etc.

Customer experiences of the Van Raam Easy Rider 2

Easy Rider tricycle

"I have Traumatic Brain Injury, which leaves me with several limitations. For a time I used a mobility scooter, until I was given the option of an electric tricycle."

Erna van Beek - Baflo

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Easy Rider tricycle

"Nancy Walravens is 42 years old and lives in Dilbeek, Belgium. She had an aneurysm 8 years ago, resulting in hemiplegia on the left side (paralysis of the left side). She has had an Easy Rider."

Nancy Walravens - Dilbeek, België

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Easy Rider tricycle

"Herman de Grijff turned a hundred years old in April 2020. He still does everything with his Easy Rider tricycle, if the weather conditions are right he likes to get on his bike for a ride."

Herman de Grijff - Zutphen

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Easy Rider tricycle

"I have owned an Easy Rider tricycle since January 2010 and still enjoy riding it. To me this is the ideal bicycle for every occasion: buying groceries, going to work."

Diederik Wierenga - Norg

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Easy Rider tricycle

"My name is Louise Kotterink and I live in Bad Bentheim. Because I'm sick and have two kinds of rheumatism, I don't ride a regular bike anymore, that's why I decided to buy an Easy Rider."

Louise Kotterink - Bad Bentheim

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Easy Rider tricycle

"I hope my (long) story will win people over to buy the Easy Rider tricycle and start enjoying bicycling again."

Saskia van Sprundel - the Netherlands

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Differences between the Easy Rider 2 and 3?

Are you curious what the biggest design differences are between the Easy Rider 3 and Easy Rider 2? Read the deisgn differences in the article 'What are the differences in design between the tricycles Easy Rider 3 and 2?'. En view more about the technical differences in the article 'What are the technical differences between the tricycles Easy Rider 3 and 2?'.

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