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Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle - Herman de Grijff

Customer experience Easy Rider tricycle - Herman de Grijff
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Herman de Grijff turned a hundred years old on 8 April 2020. He still does everything with his Easy Rider tricycle, if the weather conditions are right he likes to get on his bike for a ride.

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A hundred years old and still cycling with the Easy Rider

What was supposed to be a big birthday party, became a small party outside with a window visit from the mayor. Herman de Grijff, resident of Zutphen (in the Netherlands) turned a hundred years old in April 2020. Because Herman could not be congratulated in real life, his son created a Facebook page on which everyone could congratulate Herman with his birthday.

Herman received a Van Raam Easy Rider on his 90th birthday. He makes daily bike rides with his tricycle and thanks to the Easy Rider he stays mobile and the bike keeps him in shape.

At the end of 2019 Herman unfortunately falled and since then he has a walker. Luckily he can still cycle and he goes like a rocket.

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Update: 101 years old and still riding a bike

Update June 2021: Herman is now 101 years old and attached to Zuthpen, where he lives independently and still cycles around daily on his Easy Rider tricycle. With three batteries and a basket of chocolate milk and cookies, Herman still gets far: 'Sometimes about 30, 40 km. I have cycled 75 km in one day once. Should I sit at home then and become a couch potato? Then I won't be alive. I never know where I'm going beforehand; I take a look at the weather vane on the church to see whether I'm cycling against the wind or with the wind behind me. What I love about cycling is that you're so free'.

Herman de Grijff – Zutphen (Netherlands)

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