The drive system on Van Raam special needs bicycles

To be able to move forward, every bicycle has a drive system. On the Van Raam special needs bicycles this is a fixed gear or freewheel. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about the drive system on a Van Raam special needs bicycle.  

The drive system on a Van Raam special needs bicycle

Types of drive systems on a bike

Van Raam uses different types of drive systems on its special needs bikes. With many bicycles it is possible to choose which drive system you want. At Van Raam we have two types of drive systems. Below you can read more about them.

The fixed gear drive system on a Van Raam special needs bicycle
Van Raam tricycles for adults and for children with fixed gear drive system.

Fixed Gear

The fixed gear is used in almost all Van Raam tricycles as the basic drive system. This bike drive system ensures that the pedals continue to make the rotating movement, even if you no longer pedal. With this type of drive system you make a constant movement. Especially for people who need to be stimulated in their own movement, the fixed gear can be very useful, for example for children or for someone with one leg. It is not possible to combine the fixed gear with the Van Raam electro system and gears.

Van Raam bicycles with fixed gear drive system

Below you can see which Van Raam tricycles are supplied as a fixed gear. Optionally, with the exception of the Husky, it is possible to choose the freewheel drive, possibly with gears, back-pedal brake or electro system.

The drive system on a Van Raam special needs bicycle freewheel
The Balance low step through bike and Chat transport bike with freewheel drive system.


With the freewheel, you have the same drive system on your bike as with the fixed gear. However, there is a big difference: you can keep your pedals stationary. When you stop pedaling, the pedals don't continue to turn as they do with the fixed gear. You pedal with a constant movement, the same as with the fixed gear.  

Optional gears or a back-pedal brake are available with the freewheel. With gears, you can adjust your pedaling motion to match the speed. With the back-pedal brake, also called reverse brake, you can brake by moving the pedals backwards. If you don't have a back-pedal brake, you automatically use the hand brake.  

Van Raam bicycles with freewheel drive system

Check out the Van Raam bicycles below that come standard with freewheel drive system: 

The drive system on a Van Raam special needs bicycle switchable freewheel Fun2Go and FunTrain

Unique switchable freewheel hub

With the side-by-side tandem Fun2Go and side-by-side tandem trailer FunTrain it is possible to choose a unique drive system, called the switchable freewheel hub. You can even choose a separate drive for the driver and passenger. With this switchable hub, you can choose different cycling modes for the passenger:

  1. The co-driver must pedal along. The pedals continue to move and fucntion like the drive system in a fixed gear. 

  2. The co-driver can independently cycle along in a self-selected gear. The pedals of the co-driver move independently of the pedals of the main driver.    

  3. The pedals run freely and the co-driver cannot cycle. This is often chosen in combination with a footplate, so that the co-driver can keep his feet safely in place while cycling.

Read more about this in the article: ‘Combination of gear hub and disengagement hub Fun2Go

The drive system on a Van Raam special needs bicycle pedal support

Extra drive on your bike?

Do you need extra support while cycling? Then it is possible with almost all Van Raam bicycles to choose pedal support. With this electrical system you have a second type of bike drive and cycling becomes easier. The drive for your electric bike takes place as a fixed gear or freewheel and with the pedal support. The Van Raam electro system is specially designed for Van Raam bicycles. 

Some unique features of the Silent System include:

  • 3 pedal support stands
  • Starting aid 
  • Nearly noiseless motor
  • Very powerful electric motors

Read all the features and benefits of this system on the pedal support page

More about pedal support

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