riding backwards with pedal assistance on a custom bike


Backwards cycling with wheelchair bikes, tricycles and tricycle-tandems

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riding backwards with pedal assistance on a custom bike

More and more Van Raam bikes leave our factory with electrical assistance/ pedal support (e-bike). The electric pedal support increases the reach of the cyclist enormously. With wind or a hilly area the driver can easily cover large distances.

We notice that many people still do not know that with all our electric Van Raam bikes with three wheels you can also cycle backwards*.

The reverse mode is activated by pedalling backwards from a standing position. Within a few seconds the motor is activated and the tricycle cycles at a speed of about 2 km/h backwards (when you start to pedal backwards).

Cycling backwards is possible with all Van Raam electric tricycles, electric wheelchair bikes, electric tricyce tandems and the electric scooter bike*.  

Van Raam wheelchair bike and tricycle: reverse parking

Reverse parking with a electric wheelchair bike, tricycle or side by side tandem is no problem!

The electric assist on Van Raam cycles provides the ability for the pilot to pedal backwards and have the cycle back up. The video below shows that feature on two models (the OPair wheelchair bike and the Easy Rider tricycle).

Backwards cycling with tricycle and wheelchair bike

Our end users experience this feature (backwards cycling) as one of the biggest benefits of our electrical Silent system.   

achteruit fietsen met trapondersteung op een aangepaste fiets

New Video: Riding backwards with pedal support on a custom bike

View our ne Video on Riding backwards with pedal support on a custom bike.

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Benefits of our electrical system

Van Raam has since 2011 an own electrical pedal support called Silent System. The motor, battery, controller, the Smart Display and software are developed by Van Raam.  The Silent System is developed for the rehabilitation sector. The Silent system is characterized by:

  • Simple use;

  • 3 support modes + starting aid/launch control;

  • Fully noiseless motor;     

  • Powerful motors;        

  • Modern and efficient electronics;        

  • High quality and safe batteries;          

  • Personal adjustable support, adjusted to the handicap;          

  • Cycling forwards and backwards with active pedal support;

  • A smartphone app that allows the bike settings can be changed, can be sent an SOS message, and wherein current cycle data, including speed, distance, battery capacity can be viewed.

View all information about the Silent electrical system.

* All the Van Raam Tricycles have backwards support. Tricycles with a back-pedal-brake are excepted.

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