Electric sitting bike from Van Raam

Electric sitting bikes are bicycles with a seat instead of a saddle. Van Raam has several electric sitting bikes in its assortment. Read more about these bikes in this article.

electric sitting bike easy rider van raam

Easy Rider sitting bike for adults

The Easy Rider is a sitting tricycle for adults with a comfortable and easily adjustable seat. The Easy Rider has a unique frame so the bike has a low entry and the center of gravity is lower. The modern aerodynamic design with hydroformed tubes gives the Easy Rider a sporty look. With the optional pedal assistance of Van Raam, cycling becomes even easier on the electric sitting bike.


  • Suspended frame for optimal comfort
  • Very easily manoeuvrable due to its small turning radius
  • Comfortable seat with tailbone relief and adjustable backrest
  • Suitable for up to 140 kg (reinforced frame up to 180 kg)
  • The seat and handlebars are easily adjustable


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elektrische zitfiets easy sport van raam

Easy Sport sitting bike for adults

The Easy Sport is a recumbent tricycle with an ergonomically adjustable seat with backrest. This tricycle is ideal for sporty people who also like comfort. Thanks to the understeer, your back, neck, shoulders and wrists are less stressed. The Easy Sport is adjustable in length, so you get the ideal cycling position adapted to your height. Also the Easy Sport can optionally be extended with pedal assistance to an electric sit bike.

  • Comfortable seat with backrest
  • Modern design
  • Suspension for added comfort
  • Easy to get on and off
  • Adjustable length


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electric sitting bike easy rider small van raam

Easy Rider Small sitting bike for children and smaller adults

The Easy Rider Small sitting tricycle is designed for children from about 4 years and smaller adults. The seat with backrest and the suspension in the frame provide extra comfort during cycling. The Easy Rider Small has a sporty and modern look. The bike offers great stability due to the low center of gravity and has a low entry level.

  • Fresh look
  • Suspended frame for optimal comfort
  • Small turning radius
  • Fits through a regular door opening
  • Low seating position with a low centre of gravity for increased stability


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electric sitting bike easy go van raam

Easy Go scooter bike

The Easy Go is an electric sit bike and mobility scooter in one. During a ride you can easily switch between three modes; you cycle completely independently, you cycle with pedal assistance or you ride in the mobility scooter mode. In the mobility scooter mode you can rest your feet on the foldable footplate. The Easy Go is stable, compact and maneuverable and therefore very suitable for shopping, among other things. You have an upright sitting position because of the comfortable seat.

  • More compact than a mobility scooter
  • Both forward and reverse cycling and driving
  • Anti-tilt wheels and parking brake for increased safety
  • No driving license or certificate needed
  • Small turning radius


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electric sitting bike with pedal assist van raam

Van Raam pedal assistance

The Easy Go is standard equipped with Van Raam's Silent pedal assistance system. The Easy Rider, Easy Sport and Easy Rider Small can also be equipped with optional pedal assistance. The motor housing, batteries, controller, software and Smart display are specially developed by Van Raam for our customized bikes. The system is easy to use and makes cycling easier. All electric bikes from Van Raam are smart e-bikes. This means that they are connected to the internet (IoT connected) and that you can view data about your bike on the Van Raam app on your phone.

Pedal assistance
van raam electric sitting bike fun2go and opair
Right: Fun2Go duo bike and left: OPair wheelchair bike

Electric sitting bikes for passengers

Van Raam also has some bicycles in its assortment that can be used together with a passenger.

  • On the Fun2Go two people can cycle together on a tricycle tandem. The two seats are placed next to each other, so you can communicate well with each other.
  • The FunTrain is a duo bike trailer that can be attached behind the Fun2Go. This makes it possible for 4 people to cycle together.
  • On the wheelchair bikes VeloPlus and OPair the passenger sits in front of the bike in a seat/own wheelchair.
  • On the Chat rickshaw bike, it is possible for 2 passengers to sit in the seat at the front of the bike.

These bikes make it possible to cycle together with people who can no longer do so independently.

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