Brake systems on adapted Van Raam bicycles

For a bicycle to be allowed on the road, it must have two separate brakes capable of braking two (or three) wheels. This means that bicycles are often equipped with two hand brakes. Read more about our braking systems and the exceptions in this article.

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braking systems on adapted van raam bikes

Two brake systems on a bicycle required by law

Dutch law stipulates that an electric bike may be used on the road if it has two separate brakes for braking two wheels. For bicycles without an electric motor, it is allowed to have one back-pedal brake. Van Raam's bicycles are standard equipped with two hand brakes, at least one of which is hydraulic on tricycles. The two-wheel bikes are standard equipped with two hydraulic brakes. 

Optionally, it is possible to choose other brakes on your bike, such as a back-pedal brake or a pressure brake system. Van Raam always carries out bicycles with two brake systems. 

Braking systems for deviating handlebars

With some special handlebars (also called deviating handlebars) on adapted bicycles, it is not possible to install two hand brakes. Read below which braking systems are used for each deviating handlebar.

braking in one-sided or preferential operation

In case of preferred left- or right-handed operation

Preferred operation is often chosen by individuals who have reduced muscle strength or mobility in one of their hands. In preferred mode of operation, the most powerful brake, bell and gear are placed on the side of the "good" hand. The second brake is placed on the other side, it must still be operable by the person.

In case of one-handed operation

When individuals are dependent on one hand when riding a bicycle, one-handed operation is chosen for the steering system. As with the preferred operation, here all controls are placed on 1 side of the handlebars, including the most powerful brake. In addition, the bicycle is equipped with a back-pedal brake, so that in case of an emergency, the brakes can always be applied.

brakes on a uninterrupted steering wheel van raam bicycle

With a uninterrupted steering wheel

A uninterrupted steering wheel can be equipped with either hand brakes or a push/pull brake system. The uninterrupted steering wheel with push/pull system is designed for people who have difficulty holding a standard handlebar and braking with a regular handbrake. Both the front and rear wheel are connected to this system.

parking brake on a adapted Van Raam bicycle

Parking brake on Van Raam tricycles

Van Raam installs a parking brake on all its tricycles. A parking brake makes it easier to get on and off a bicycle because it cannot roll away. In addition, you can use the parking brake when standing still for a longer period of time, so you can safely remain on your bicycle without it rolling away.

Customer experiences with various brake systems

Van Raam has received many customer experiences. Read below some customer experiences with various braking systems.

Easy Rider tricycle

"I got a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 4 which resulted in a right-sided paralysis. Despite my paralysis, I never quit and I decided to take on a new challenge."

Rene Spronk - Eijsden-Margraten

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Mini tricycle

"Although Duncan is in a wheelchair, he is just as happy as his peers and wants to be part of it as much as any other child. That's why he has a Mini tricycle."

Mother of Duncan - Gorinchem

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Midi tricycle

"My name is Rosita Rampertaap, I’m 34 years old and I live in Brummen. For years I have a tricycle made by Van Raam. I have the Midi model, since I'm not that big. I have this because of my handicap."

Rosita Rampertaap - Brummen

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