Alternatives from Van Raam for a 4 wheel bike

Are you looking for a 4 wheel bike? Then also consider a 3 wheel bicycle from Van Raam. Read in this article more about 3 wheel bikes and why they can be a good alternative for a 4 wheel bike

Adapted bicycles from Van Raam

Van Raam has several types of custom bikes in its range. Bikes for 1 person, but also bikes on which you can cycle together with 2 people or even with 4 people. In this article we discuss the Van Raam 3 wheel bikes.

Van raam 3 wheel bicycle as alternative 4 wheel bicycle

3 wheel bike as alternative to 4 wheel bike

A 3 wheel bicycle can be a good alternative to a 4 wheel bicycle. A 3 wheel bicycle has several advantages over a 4 wheel bicycle, namely:

  • Smal turning radius: A 3 wheel bike with one front wheel has a shorter turning radius than a 4 wheel bike with two front wheels. This makes the bike much more maneuverable.

  • Easy to ride: A 3 wheel bike is easier to ride than a 4 wheel bike. Especially when you are used to a two wheel bike. The transition from a two-wheel bike to a four-wheel bike is larger, because a four-wheel bike has two wheels at the front. The transition to a tricycle with one wheel in front is therefore smaller.

  • Many options: There are many different types of tricycles on the market. At Van Raam we have eight different types of tricycles for adults. This means there is always a bike that suits you. See our tricycle bikes below.

Van Raam 3 wheel bicycles

Van Raam has several types of 3 wheel bicycles in its assortment for children and adults, which can serve as a good alternative to a bicycle with four wheels. See below our 3 wheel bicycles for adults:

Van Raam Midi alternative for 4-wheeled bicycles


The Midi is a traditional tricycle for young people and small adults.

View the Midi
Van Raam Maxi alternative 4 wheel bicycle for adults


The Maxi is a traditional tricycle for adults.

View the Maxi
Van Raam Maxi Comfort alternative 4 wheel bike

Maxi Comfort

The Maxi Comfort is a low entry tricycle for adults.

View the Maxi Comfort
Van Raam Easy Rider alternative four wheel bike

Easy Rider

The Easy Rider is a sitting tricycle for adults.

View the Easy Rider
Van Raam Easy Sport alternatief 4 wiel fiets

Easy Sport

The Easy Sport is a recumbent tricycle for adults.

View the Easy Sport
Van Raam Easy Go alternative 4 wheel bike

Easy Go

The Easy Go is a scooter bike for adults.

View the Easy Go
Van Raam Viktoria alternative 4 wheel bicycle


The Viktoria is a tricycle for smaller adults with 2 wheels in front.

View the Viktoria
Van Raam Viktor alternative 4 wheel bicycle


The Viktor is an tricycle for adults with 2 front wheels.

View the Viktor
fun2go duo bike as alternative to 4 wheel bike

Multi-person bicycle as an alternative to a 4-wheeled bicycle

Van Raam also has several types of multi-person bicycles in its range that can serve as an alternative to a 4-wheeled bicycle. Van Raam has the following bikes for multiple people in its range:

Van Raam bicycles with pedal support

Almost all Van Raam bicycles can be equipped with pedal support. Therefore we also offer good alternatives to an electric 4-wheel bike. Van Raam's bikes with pedal support are smart E-bikes. This means that the bikes are connected to the internet and you can remotely access a lot of information about your bike and battery on your smartphone with the Van Raam E-bike app

Read more about our pedal support
options for alternative 4 wheel bike

Options and accessories for your adapted bike

Van Raam has several options and accessories that allow you to customize your bicycle. You can find all possible options on the price list of your preferred bike on the product page of the bike. It is also possible to customize your bike in the online configurator. While putting together your own bike, you can see all the possible options and accessories with the corresponding costs. For more information, read the article 'Put together your Van Raam bike with the bike configurator'.

Online configurator