Mountain gears

The mountain gear option for your bike can be used when cycling in a hilly or mountainous area. In these areas, you need a lighter gear ratio to make cycling in the mountains easier. With a lighter gear ratio, you cover less distance per rotation. This makes cycling on a hill or mountain easier. An ideal gear ratio is when you can achieve at least 60 rotations of the pedals per minute. Therefore, you have a more powerful drive through the mountain gears, but less speed with the same number of rotations. In the case of mountain gear on your bicycle, you have to make some concessions in terms of speed to get the gear ratio to work properly.
The mountain gear option is very suitable if you have little strength or high weight. Cycling in hilly areas then becomes easier.

Van Raam option mountain gears cycle Easy Rider tricycle
Van Raam Easy Rider cycling in the mountains with mountain gears bike option
Van Raam Easy Rider mountain gears option

How do you cycle safely on a mountain or hillside?

For your own safety and the safety of your bike, it is important to take a few points into account. See them below:

  • Avoid inclines steeper than 10%, as the risk of something happening increases.
  • Cycle slowly up a mountain or hillside.
  • Do you need to stop on a mountain or hillside? Then start cycling slowly and lean forward. This will prevent the front wheel from coming off the ground.
  • Als je op een berg of helling naar achteren rolt, zorg dan dat je rustig en gedoseerd remt zodat het voorwiel niet loskomt van de grond.
  • There are a few options/accessories that can make your bike less stable on a mountain or hillside. These are the wheelchair holder, cane holder, rollator holder, or a full shopping basket on your bike.
  • Make sure that you do not go too fast when going down a mountain or hillside. Cycle slowly and brake in time.

You order mountain gear at a Van Raam dealer

The mountain gear for your bike can be ordered as an option at Van Raam dealers. It is also possible to have the mountain gears mounted on your bike afterwards. Find your Van Raam dealer on our dealer page.

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For which Van Raam bicycles are mountain gears suitable?

Mountain gears are suitable for the Easy Rider tricycle, the Fun2Go side by side tandem, the OPair wheelchair bike and the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike. Read in the article ‘Mountain gears for Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle’ more about this option on this tricycle.

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