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Mountain gears for Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle

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Easy Rider tricycle with mountain gears

An option for the Easy Rider 3 are mountain gears. Read more about this special option here and find out if mountain gears are a good option for you and your Easy Rider tricycle.

Tips and safety measures for cycling on a mountain or hill

Are you planning to go cycling in the mountains or in hilly areas? Then follow the safety measures and tips below for your own safety and for the sake of your Easy Rider tricycle:

  • It is not recommended to cycle on a slope steeper than 10%, as this creates an increased risk.

  • It is advised to ride slowly on slopes.

  • If you stopon a slope, pull away slowly and possibly lean forward to prevent the front wheel from losing contact with the ground.

  • Do you roll backwards on a slope? It is advisable to brake in a phased manner, avoiding the wheels losing contact with the road surface.

  • The following accessories can adversely affect stability on a slope: walker holder, stick holder, wheelchair holder or a loaded shopping basket.

  • Make sure that you do not reach a dangerous speed when driving downhill. Brake on time and cycle at a moderate speed.

Why opt for mountain gears?

If you cycle in very hilly areas, you need a lighter gear ratio: the less distance you cover per rotation, the lighter the cycling gets. This makes it easier to climb a mountain or climb a hill with less effort. The gear ratio affects the distance covered when the pedal is turned once. An ideal gear ratio is when you can reach at least 60 rotations of the pedals per minute. With the option mountain gears you get the resistance of the base (the resistance of an Easy Rider without electric pedal support and with 8 gears), this gives you a lighter gear ratio than the standard electric tricycle. In addition, the electric motor also has a lighter gear ratio.

The mountain gears for the Easy Rider tricycle are only possible in combination with 8 gears and electric pedal support. In order for the mountain gears to work properly, the speed of the bike has to be reduced. Thanks to the lighter gear ratio, you have more torque (is a more powerful drive), but less speed at the same number of rotations (for example 60 revolutions).The maximum torque of an Easy Rider with mountain gearing is 74Nm.

Easy Rider tricycle with mountain gears Van Raam

Normally the electric Easy Rider gives you pedalling support of up to 25 km/hour. With the mountain gears, this will be a maximum of 20 km/hour. With the mountain gears you can cycle slightly slower, but it is easier to cycle up the mountain.

Benefits of mountain gears on the Easy Rider

  • You can easily cycle up the mountain or hill

  • A mountain or hill that you wouldn't otherwise be able to climb, you will now be able to climb

  • More torque (is a more powerful drive)

  • Your legs rotate lighter, so your knees are less stressed

  • Your muscles will fatigue less quickly, because you don't have to put in as much strength

Mountain gears Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle

For whom is the Easy Rider tricycle with mountain gears?

You choose the mountain gears if you live in a very hilly or mountainous area and want to cycle a lot with your Easy Rider in the hills and mountains. The mountain gears are very suitable for persons with little strength or persons with a high weight. It takes less effort to cycle in hilly areas with the mountain gears.

Ordering mountain gears or more information

The Easy Rider 3 with pedal support and mountain gears can be ordered via a Van Raam dealer. Check the price list on the product page of the Easy Rider for the exact price of the mountain gears. The mountain gears are only possible on the Easy Rider 3 and can also be mounted afterwards at Van Raam's factory. Please contact your Van Raam dealer for more information.

Do you have any further questions about the Easy Rider or the mountain gears? Or would you like more information? You can contact us in various ways:

Mountain gears for Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle

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