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  • Easy Rider tricycle with adapter for bike trailer by Van Raam
  • Van Raam Easy Rider tricycle with bike trailer adapter
  • Van Raam adapter for bike trailer maximum load capacity

The adapter for a bike trailer is designed for the Easy Rider tricycle. The bike trailer adapter can be attached to the Easy Rider using a coupling piece. A bike trailer can then be attached to the adapter.

The adapter is suitable for all bicycle trailers that can be mounted on the hub. Both child bicycle trailers and dog bicycle trailers can be attached to the adapter.

The bicycle trailer hung on the adapter should not be loaded with more than 45 kilograms. This corresponds to the maximum load capacity of most bicycle trailers.

Read more about the bike trailer adapter in the article 'Bike trailer-adapter for Van Raam's Easy Rider tricycle'.

Order your bike trailer adapter at a Van Raam dealer

Interested in a bike trailer adapter? You can order the adapter at Van Raam dealers. Find a dealer in your area via the dealer page.

  • Attach a bike trailer behind your Easy Rider tricycle
  • An extra possibility to carry items
  • Take your pet with you while cycling

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