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Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike

There appear more and more videos of our custom bikes on YouTube. We have uploaded a lot of product movies at our own Van Raam YouTube channel. Besides our own videos, we receive beautiful videos of special needs bikes from our dealers. So we got for example videos showing the VeloPlus wheelchair bike and the Twinny tandem.

Special bikes in Hungary

From our Hungarian dealer KerekesSzabadság, who sells products for people with physical limitations or disabilities to give them more freedom, independence and mobility, we received a YouTube video featuring the VeloPlus wheelchair bike and the Twinny tandem.

The movie is about a non-profit organization working with disabled people. With special bikes, for people who are unable to ride on a normal cycle, they will help the persons. The non-profit organization bought a VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike and a Twinny tandem, with the aim of activating people with disabilities, elderly and people who are ill.  

By purchasing thebikes the organization has provided a new kind of experience for those who can not ride a standard two-wheel bike. The bikes are used as taxis and with the help of these custom bikes, the organization is now able to transport people, for example to the mall. They want to make a sightseeing service through the city of Dombóvár by bike. In this way, people in Gunaras spa Dombóvár gets the chance to know to city and they get the opportunity to spend their time during rehabilitation to an activity, like cycling on the special needs bikes.

At the beginning of the following YouTube video, you can see how the wheelchair is driven on the wheelchair bicycle. Not much later they can start the common experience of cycling. The video shows you how people enjoy riding on a wheelchair transport bike or tandem. And the end of the movie you can see how easily it is to roll the person in the wheelchair off the wheelchair bike VeloPlus and then the bike adventure is over.

Mobile by wheelchair bike

Our Swiss dealer Fahriante sent us a YouTube movie about the wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus, created by Tandem Seeland – special needs bikes for the elderly and disabled.  

Independently cycling on a standard two wheel bike is not for everybody perfectly normal. But by using the special bikes, like the VeloPlus wheelchair bike, there is a possibility to cycle and get mobile. People with disabilities can hire free (special needs) bikes at Tandem Seeland to cycle together with family or friends. See the YouTube video below of the VeloPlus Wheelchair bike at Tandem Seeland.

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