video of the van raam research and development department


Video of the Van Raam Research and Development Department

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video of the van raam research and development department

Van Raam made a video of the Van Raam Research and Development department in order to get an overview of the workflow. You will see different steps of how a new bike is developed at Van Raam. Read more about this in the following article, also see what the following steps are that are necessary for a bike manufacturer like Van Raam to get a complete high-quality special needs bicycle.

Van Raam Research and Development

The journey of a (new) custom-made bike starts by Van Raam at the Research and development (R&D) department. If there are new ideas for a bike they mostly comeamong other things from the following sources: the market and from the needs of the target group.

In order for the new product idea to be a sales success, it is important that the idea is not only technically but also commercially well-founded. Also, our product engineering of this department is involved with the continuous optimization of the current range of products.

video of the van raam research and development department

Video of the Research and Development

View the video of the R&D department to get a visual look into our research and development department at Van Raam.

From Research and Development to a final special needs bike

If the idea of a new bike is set,Van Raam goes through a development process. It begins among other things with the research of the target market to determine the focus of the new special needs bike. 

  • Furthermore, this result leads into a phase where ideas are being generated.

  • With in the creation of a new bicycle, design may not be forgotten. A lot of the parts of the bicycles are drawn in a 3D program, called Solid Works. Furthermore, there are technical drawings made for the production and dimensional drawings for the  assembly.

  • Tests of the different options, colors and setting and assemblies can be best fulfilled with a prototype for example on our bike test track, that is also co-developed with the R&D department.

A prototype is an early model of a product, handmade or via rapid prototyping, which tests the occurring forces, the operation or fit of parts and prepares the production. In this Department electrical and mechanical engineers sit next to Embedded Software Engineers and IT Developer together in the R&D department at Van Raam in order to get the best communication and the best product with the highest quality.

Is the bicycle is developed the production of the bike can begin. Read here further to get and overview on the followings steps the bike must go through in order to be delivered to the customer.

Step 1: Van Raam Research and Development Department
Step 2: Bicycle Frame Production
Step 3: Van Raam Bicycle Frame Blasting and Powder-coating
Step 4: Collecting Parts
Step 5: Producing wheels in the wheel assembly
Step 6: Van Raam Bike Assembly
Step 7:  Testing and final inspection
Step 8: The bike is on the way to you!
To get more and deeper information the production steps read the article “How Van Raam bikes are produced

How Van Raam bikes are produced

Van Raam Videos

In addition to the videos of the Research & Development Department, Van Raam has more videos to watch. On our video page you will find videos about our bicycles, our (new) bicycle factory, our employees, about famous dutch people on our bicycles and about Van Raam in the media.

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