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Van Raam kids tandem trike Kivo Plus

A tandem trike is, as the word actually says, a tandem with three wheels. Van Raam has several special needs bikes in its assortment, including three tricycle tandems. One of these tandem trikes is called the Kivo Plus and is a child parent tandem. With the Kivo Plus, an adult sits at the back of the tandem and a child can sit at the front of the tandem. Because the Kivo Plus is equipped with two rear wheels instead of one, this tandem gives more stability. Read more about this tandem tricycle for kids here.

Kivo Plus: a tandem tricycle for kids and adults

The Van Raam tandem tricycle Kivo Plus is made in such a way that a child can sit at the front and an adult can sit at the back of the tandem. The parent is the main driver of the bike and has a good view of the child in front. The child has a good view of the surroundings, but does not have to steer and brake.

This kids tandem tricycle has two wheels at the rear and one wheel at the front. So the bike is very stable. This makes it very easy to get on and off, because the bike does not fall over. Also, the bike has a low entry, so it is easy for the adult and the child to take a seat on the bike.

Standard the Kivo Plus kids tandem trike has 8 gears and a switchable freewheel. Through this switchable freewheel you can determine whether and how the child is cycling. You can choose whether the child should cycle with you, can cycle at his/her own pace or the child cannot cycle with you.

Van Raam kids tandem trike Kivo Plus
Van Raam kids tandem trike Kivo Plus

Read the most important advantages of the Kivo Plus tricycle tandem for children again:

  • The parent sits at the back and has a good view of the child
  • Good view on the road for both child and parent
  • Very stable and easy to get on and off because of the two wheels at the rear
  • Low entry
  • You can decide whether or not the child should pedal with you

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Video: The tandem trike Kivo Plus

View the Van Raam Kivo Plus tricycle tandem for children in the video below.

Options for the kids tandem tricycle

The Kivo Plus can be expanded with various options and accessories. In this way you can create the bikes completely according to your wishes. On the Kivo Plus, for example, an optional electric motor is possible, giving you comfortable pedal support that makes cycling on the tandem tricycle for kids even easier.

The tandem is also available in different frame heights and can be extended with a special backrest, foot fixation, special crank and many more options.

Would you like to know exactly what options and accessories are available for the Kivo Plus? Then take a look at our online configurator! Via the configurator you can put together a Kivo Plus with the options and accessories you would like to have on your bike, you can also see the price of the options here. When you have finished configuring, you can view the total configuration and receive it by e-mail. You will immediately receive an overview of the costs of the configured tricycle.

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Kids tandem trike child parent Kivo Plus with options
Kivo Plus tandem trike with back support and pedal support

Try a Kivo Plus kids tandem tricycle yourself

Curious about cycling on a Kivo Plus? You can schedule a free test ride at Van Raam in Varsseveld. During an appointment, which you can schedule online, you will get advice from a technical advisor and you will have the opportunity to try out the Kivo Plus (or perhaps another tandem) outside. Van Raam has a bicycle test track for this, where you can test the tandem on different surfaces and in different traffic situations. At the end of the appointment you will receive a no-obligation quote with which you can order the tandem from a Van Raam dealer. It is also possible to try out the tandem at some Van Raam dealers. You can contact a dealer in your area to discuss the possibilities.

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Experience with the Kivo Plus tandem tricycle for kids

Read the experience of Antoinette and her family with the kids tandem trike Kivo Plus here.

User experience child parent three-wheel tandem Kivo Plus - Antoinette Krol
8 / 10
User experience child parent three-wheel tandem Kivo Plus - Antoinette Krol
The Kivo Plus is a three-wheel tandem for a parent and a child. In the review below, Antoinette Krol talks about her experience with the Kivo Plus.
Read this customer experience

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