New bicycle factory for special needs bicycles in Varsseveld Van Raam


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New bicycle factory for special needs bicycles in Varsseveld Van Raam

During the construction of the new Van Raam company building, beautiful drone images are regularly made of the progress of the new building. Watch several videos (drone images and timelaps) below, made that are made during construction.

Drone images new Van Raam premises (June 2019)

At the end of June 2019, the drone filmed around the new company building of Van Raam. The complete bicycle test track can be seen on this video. The solar panels have also been installed on the roof and grass and other plants have been planted around the building.

Drone images Van Raam new premises (November 2018)

The drone flies around the new Van Raam premises in 1:37 minutes. You can see that all the halls are finished and the glass is placed. At the showroom / offices you can see the colored bricks and the first street work has been laid outside. In addition to the staff entrance, you can see that the personnel parking places have been laid out. Wondering what it looks like inside? Then take a look at the photoreport page.

Polishing the new concrete floor (October 2018)

The company Fast-Grind polished the concrete floors of the new premises in October. In the video you see the process of polishing in 1.5 minutes.

Timelapse images construction work October 2018

Video of our contractor KlaasenGroep (calendar week 40): the end of the structure work of the new premises of Van Raam in Varsseveld is in sight. The production and assembly hall are wind- and waterproof. In the personnel area, the final touches are placed on the façade cladding and the office is provided with façade masonry.

Timelapse images new premises (August)

Our contractor Klaassen Groep shared a nice timelapse video on their Facebook page with images from calender week 34 (August 2018). Work has been done on the last floor of the offices and the floors from the production hall, paint shop, warehouse and assembly hall have been poured.

Drone images Van Raam new premises in August 2018

On these images the drone flies around the new Van Raam premises in 1:42 minutes. You see the showroom with a part of the offices upstairs. Behind the showroom / offices is the 12 meters high warehouse with the production hall, paint shop and assembly hall. 

Timelapse images new premises (July/August)

On the Facebook page of our contractor, Klaassen group, you can also see a beautiful video. On this timelapse video you can see how we worked on the construction of our new premises in calendar weeks 30 and 31. Compliments to everyone who worked so hard with these tropical temperatures.

View the timelapse video

Drone images Van Raam new construction 25 July 2018

In 1:58 minutes the drone flies above the new Van Raam premises. You can clearly see the hard work that is done, because in two weeks time the construction has already looks very different. Not only the warehouse is clearly visible, the paint shop, assembly hall and offices has also been worked hard on. The walls of the production hall are not yet built up on this video.

Drone images Van Raam new construction 12 July 2018

In just over a minute, the drone flies above the lot and you can already see the first contours of the premises. The 12 meter high warehouse has already been built and the first contours of the showroom, offices, staff entrance and warehouse are also visible.

Photoreport construction work

Follow the construction of the new Van Raam premises through this photo report.

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Van Raam construction-page

Follow all the news about the new premises on our special construction-page that will be regularly updated.

Check out the construction-page

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