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Pedal support special needs bikes

When in the spring the sun is shining people go back to the nature. You can go for a walk, but you can also ride on a special needs bike, such as a electric bicycle. Mobility is as individual as never before and this creates opportunities for people with special needs and requirements. For example you see more (special needs) bicycles with pedal support now days.

Cycling with electric pedal support

 “A few years ago, bikes with electric support were not done. Only elderly, who were encouraged by their family or friends, bought a bike with electric motor. Meanwhile, the picture is complete changed. Even at sports-minded cyclists, the use of e-bikes grows” (Volker Neumann).  

Special needs bikes and e-bikes increase mobility

Bikes with pedal support often serve for more than just the normal cycling in everyday traffic. For example, the bikes are used for therapy. Also, coordination and social interaction can be trained on a special needs bike, says Mr. Neumann, a journalist of mobility for persons with disabilities and seniors.

Pedal support special needs bikes

Balancing problems prevent the use of an ordinary two-wheel bike. A tricycle is than a good solution. Tricycles are much more stable and will nog tip over. There is a big difference between traditional tricycles, tricycles with seats and trikes with two wheels in front and one rear wheel.    
At Van Raam we also have different models tricycles:        

  • Traditional tricycles with one wheel in front and two wheels behind, with high sitting position (for example: Husky, Mini, Midi and Maxi)       

  • Low step through tricycle (Maxi Comfort)         

  • Comfortable tricycles with seats, lower sitting position and low step through (such as: Easy Rider Small, Easy Sport and Easy Rider)      

  • Compact electric scooter bike/tricycle that can also be used without pedaling  (Easy Go)    

  • Trikes with one wheel behind and two wheels in front (Viktor and Viktoria) 

All Van Raam tricycles are also available as an electric bicycle, with the exception of the Husky, tricycle for children from 2 – 4 years old.

All Van Raam tricycles are also available as an electric bicycle, with the exception of the Husky, tricycle for children from 2 – 4 years old.Electric bike for two people

When a person cannot (longer) ride on a regular bike, a tandem is a really good alternative. Tandems are available in the classic version, in which two people sit one behind the other (like the Twinny, Twinny Plus and Kivo). There is also a tandem in which the two chairs are next to each other, the electric double rider cycle Fun2Go. Because you are sitting next to each other at this three wheel tandem, you can communicate with each other very easily while cycling.  

Bikes for wheelchair users

For people who are in a wheelchair and not able to cycle there are also opportunities for cycling. Bikes with a tub mounted at the front side offers the wheelchair users the opportunity to go on a bike, like the OPair wheelchair bike. If the passenger can not make a transfer to the mounted seat, there is a wheelchair transport bike, with a platform at the front of the bike where the wheelchair can be set up. An example of a wheel-chair transport bike is the VeloPlus. Both wheelchair bikes can be delivered as an e-bike, so with electric pedal support.  

Read the article below from the German Medizin-Technischer Dialog (MTD) about mobility, rollators, special needs bikes and electric bikes, written by Volker Neumann.

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