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Product guide from Van Raam special needs bikes

Have you seen the Van Raam product guide? This complete product guide contains a lot of information about the tricycles, the mobility scooter bike, low step through bikes, the walking aid, duo bikes, tandems, wheelchair bikes, the transport bike and everything else you need to know about Van Raam and a Van Raam special needs bike.

Product guide with Van Raam bicycles

There is a new brochure of Van Raam. We have a complete product guide with all the Van Raam bikes in the product range. The bicycles are divided into the categories ‘cycling individually’ and ‘cycling together’:

Cycling individually

  • Tricycles
  • Mobility scooter bike
  • Low step-through bikes
  • Walking aid
Product guide from Van Raam special needs bikes

Cycling together

  • Side-by-side tandems
  • Tandem bikes
  • Wheelchair bikes
  • Transport bikes

All about bicycle manufacturer Van Raam

This product guide contains also a lot of information about all the possibilities of a Van Raam bike en about bicycle manufacturer Van Raam itself. This includes information about:

  • The various options and accessories
  • The Van Raam pedal assistance and accessories such as batteries and the controller
  • The Van Raam smart e-bike app
  • of a special needs bike
  • where you can purchase a Van Raam bicycle

View the product guide online by clicking on the button below.

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Van Raam product guide special needs bicycles

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In the product guide QR-codes are being used. These QR-codes contain a link to a page on the Van Raam website. On the linked webpage, more information about the relevant topic can be found. A QR-code is particularly useful for the printed version of the product guide.

You can scan the QR-code using a smartphone or tablet. Open the camera app and point it at any QR-code in the product guide. A link will appear on which you can click to open the webpage. Is this not working? You might need to download a QR-code scanner app in the app store of your smartphone or tablet.

QR-codes in the digital product guide

The QR-codes can also be found in the online or digital version of the product guide. As you are already viewing the product guide digitally, you only need to click on the bike name or on the QR-code to go straight to the correct page. You don’t have to scan the QR-code with your smartphone or tablet if you are viewing the product guide online.

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