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Tricycle project high school students

Van Raam has plenty of choice when it comes to tricycles for people of all ages. Our tricycle for toddlers is the colorful Husky. For elderly or people who no longer have the strength to pedal, Van Raam manufactures the Easy Go miniscooter/tricycle, on which you can bike (with and without electric pedal support) or drive around like on a miniscooter. Van Raam in Varsseveld designs and manufactures a wide range of tricycles.

Which single-person tricycle is the best?

Van Raam manufactures single-person tricycles with one wheel at the front and two wheels at the back, recumbent tricycles,  semi recumbent tricycles and tricycles with one rear wheel and two front wheels. All of Van Raam’s tricycles (except for the smallest tricycle) are available with engine (electric pedal support). It is also possible to have it build in afterwards.

The model or type you choose is very personal. It is important to try out several tricycles prior to your purchase so you can see which one you like best. Would you like to go for a test ride or would you like additional information on several of our tricycles? Contact us and make an appointment at our showroom. Additionally, our dealers throughout the Netherlands have bicycles available for you to try. View Van Raam dealer page for more information.

Options and accessories for your tricycle

Not one person is the same and everyone has their own wishes. That is why all of Van Raam’s tricycles are custom made for every individual customer. All tricycles can be equipped with dozens of options. You can put your bicycle together however you like. You can choose the color of the frame, add an engine for electric pedal support and choose between many accessories such as: mirrors, baskets, footrests, cane holder, different seats, armrests etc. The process of putting your bicycle together is fairly easy with Van Raam’s online configurator.

Maxi tricycle for adults Van Raam

Students and their ideal tricycle

What is a tricycle for children between the ages of 12 and 16 supposed to look like? This was the central question for a project on tricycles at the Ulenhof College high school from Doetinchem. Close to 300 students paid a visit to Van Raam, manufacturer of special needs bicycles.

These students have been working in small groups to determine what tricycle for teenagers should be like and what options, accessories and special gadgets should come with it. As starting point they had to choose between three different types of Van Raam’s tricycles:

  • Maxi: a traditional, stable tricycle with one front wheel and 2 rear wheels. The cyclist is right above the crank shaft.

  • Easy Rider: Comfortable tricycle with luxurious seat and unique frame that allows for a forward pedaling motion due to a lower center of gravity.   

  • Easy Sport: sporty recumbent tricycle with lowered handlebars.

renting van raam special needs bikes in belgium easy rider tricycle

During the visit the students were given a tour through the factory and were allowed to try several tricycles and a few of Van Raam’s other bicycles. They presented their ideas on the perfect tricycle for teens to Jan-Willem Boezel (technical manager), Jolien Heeman (manager Research & Development) and Oliver Davina (design engineer) based on their own mood boards.

tricycles testing

Almost all students agreed on one thing. There should be a tricycle for boys and a separate tricycle for girls. The students also paid attention to the details like special handlebars, decoration and use of color.

Of course the tricycle for boys should have a different color than the tricycle for girls. Luckily all of Van Raam’s bicycles are available in almost every RAL-color, so everyone can choose their own color Van Raam bike.

The students came with numerous other ideas such as baskets/crates for on the tricycle and gadgets such as a remote-controlled lock.

For us as a company it is of course always good to hear what 300 high school students think of our bikes and what teens think a tricycle should look like!

Tricycle project high school students

Tricycle for elderly

Next to students from Doetinchem, elderly from KBO (Catholic Confederation for Elderly) from Aalten paid a visit to Van Raam. The KBO is an interest group for elderly aged 50 and up. This group of seniors took a look behind the scenes of Van Raam’s factory and was given the opportunity to try out several of our tri/bicycles. At this age the Easy Go mobility scooter bike would be perfect. This electric tricycle allows them to stay mobility without having to pedal! Read all the special features in the article 'Unique riding characteristics of the Easy Go scooter bike'.

easy Go elderly

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