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The front part of the bikeleg cover can be completely or partially zipped off while the passenger is seated. To prevent the bikeleg cover from sliding off the seat, it has non-slip foot parts and velvet on the back. At the waist is an elastic band with which the cover can be pulled tighter around the waist. Does the passenger have a mobile phone, key ring or drinking bottle? This can be conveniently stored in a pocket. The bikeleg cover is also easy to use in combination with the protection screen for the Chat.

Order your bike leg cover at your Van Raam dealer

Would you like a bike leg cover for your Van Raam bicycle? It is possible to order a bike leg cover at your Van Raam dealer.

  • Keeps the passenger warm
  • Easy to mount with the detachable front
  • With non-slip to keep you sitting firmly

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€ 310 (excl. VAT and shipping)

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