What happens after I order a Van Raam bicycle?

Are you curious about what happens after you order a Van Raam bicycle? Read in this article the 7 steps a bike goes through from order to delivery.

What happens after I have ordered a Van Raam bicycle

Custom made Van Raam bicycle

All bicycles at Van Raam are produced by order. A bicycle is fully customized to the customer's wishes, with additional options. After Van Raam receives an order for a bicycle, oud business office department checks the availability of parts and determines the delivery time. Read below about the next 7 steps an ordered bicycle has to go through until it is delivered.

1. Production of the bicycle frame

A new bicycle starts with the production of the bicycle frame. All our bike frames consist of steel pipes that are processed by different machines. These include computer-controlled milling machines and a 3D laser machine. Our welding robot and welders weld all the processed tubes together into a bicycle frame.

Watch a 360 degree video to see what the production department at Van Raam looks like.

360 degree video production
blasting and powder coating of a Van Raam bicycle

2. Blasting and powder coating of the frame

The frame is blasted in a blasting cabinet and then powder coated in our own paint shop in the desired color. A Van Raam bicycle can be painted in many different RAL colors. Read more about this in the article 'A Van Raam bicycle in a color of your choice'. This is where the process of creating a unique, individual bicycle begins. During the powder coating process, various stickers are also applied to the bicycle. This is usually done before the clear coat is sprayed onto the frame (so that stickers stick firmly).

Are you curious how the painters at Van Raam do their work? Take a look inside the paint shop in the article '360 degree video tour of Van Raam paintshop'.

360 degree video paint shop
Collecting bicycle parts in Van Raam warehouse

3. Collecting bike parts

In our warehouse all parts are collected for the bicycle. This is partly done automatically through our Kardex cabinet and partly by our employees. The parts consist of the regular bicycle parts, but also the extra options and accessories especially for the customer. Some parts we make ourselves, such as axles and wheels.

mounting of a Van Raam bike

4. Mounting the bicycle

Our mechanics then assemble all the parts onto the bicycle. Some bicycles are assembled in different lines. This means that the assembly is divided into several steps, with the bicycle being finished after the final step. Each mechanic has their own step in the process where a part is mounted on the bike.
Other bikes are assembled in the regular assembly. Regular assembly consists of module construction, pre-assembly and final assembly. This process is split up to make the process more flexible and so that there is a better distribution of the required knowledge. Here, one mechanic per bicycle is responsible for final assembly and adjustment.

Get an impression of the assembly department by watching the '360 degree video tour in the assembly of Van Raam'.

360 degree video assembly
Video quality inspection of a Van Raam bicycle

5. Quality inspection

When the bicycle is completely finished, it will be checked and tested one more time by our quality control engineers. Once the bike has been approved by the final inspection technician, it is prepared for transport. Read the article and video 'Video quality inspection of a Van Raam bicycle' to find out on what items the bicycle is checked. The bike is now ready to be shipped.

Video quality inspection

6. Shipment to dealer

In order to ship the bike safely, it will be properly packed and then shipped to the dealer that ordered the bike for the customer.

7. Shipment to the customer

The dealer takes care of delivery to the customer. It may be that the dealer sends the bike to the customer, or the customer picks up the bike from the dealer. The customer can now enjoy his/her own unique Van Raam bicycle!

Customer experiences of people with a Van Raam bicycle

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Els van Geel - Maastricht

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Fun2Go side by side bike

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Rob en Marian Richmond - Soest

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