360 degree video tour in the assembly of Van Raam


360 degree video tour in the assembly of Van Raam

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360 degree video tour in the assembly of Van Raam

Do you want to know how it looks like where the Van Raam adapted bikes are assembled? Take a look at the 360 degree video in the assembly. Control yourself in which direction you see.

Video: 360 degree assembly tour at Van Raam

If you want to watch the video in 360 degrees on your smartphone, you must open the video in the YouTube app. Otherwise, the video will play here on the website and on the YouTube mobile website in 2D and not in 360 degrees.

Assembly department at Van Raam

The assembly department is made up of various assembly areas. These include line assembly and regular or traditional assembly. Here the adapted bicycles are assembled with more than 45 employees. Read more about the different assembly departments at Van Raam.

Interesting to know: On average, a Van Raam bike consists of more than 300 parts.

Line assembly

Some bikes like the Fun2Go, the Easy Rider, Midi and also the Maxi are produced in 3 lines. This means that the assembly is divided into different steps, where the bike is ready after the last step.

Each mechanic in the line has his own place and step, each step has approximately the same assembly time. The mechanics work according to the KANBAN storage system in the line assembly. This means that there are two bins with equal parts in a line. As soon as the first container is empty, the second container is used and the empty container is refilled, which is then placed behind the first one. This way there is always enough supply.

360 degree video tour in line assembly Van Raam

Small assembly

Small assembly involves the assembly of small parts, such as the conversion of hubs for tricycles and the soldering of various cables and foot shells. These are not connected with an order and go to the warehouse after assembly.

Traditional assembly

Regular or traditional assembly consists of module construction, pre-assembly and final assembly. This process has been broken down to make it more flexible and allow for a better distribution of the necessary knowledge. Here, a single assembler is responsible for completing the assembly and adjustment.

360 degree video in the traditional assembly Van Raam

Module building

Module building is the first step before assembling the Van Raam custom bicycle.Here sub-parts for the regular bike assembly are assembled, for example the seats, handlebars, rear axles and front forks. These assemblies are all linked to an order in production. This means that the assembled seats and other modules go on to other assembly areas to be assembled into a bicycle.

360 degree video in module building Van Raam


This is where the sub-parts of the modular construction, that is, the sub-parts of a bicycle that are connected to an order, such as cranks, handlebars and seats, are assembled to the frame of the bicycle and passed on to final assembly.

360 degree video in pre-assembly final assembly Van Raam

Final assembly

In final assembly, the bike is assembled until it is ready to ride. Another mechanic verifies that all options/accessories are included on the bike and signs the assembly slip for approval. The mechanic who assembled and inspected the bike brings it ready for final inspection. The final assembler is responsible for the safety and adjustment of the bike. At Van Raam, any mechanic can assemble any adapted bike, however, everyone has their own preferred bike.

Van Raam Assembly Department

Wheel assembly

We put the spokes to our wheels ourselves. It all starts with a rim, spokes and eventually a motor. The spokes are placed in the rim by hand at the correct spoke sockets and the spokes are then fitted by machine. After the spokes are inserted, the rim band follows, which is also done by machine. The machine punches a hole in the rim tape for the valve. The spokes are then tensioned and aligned by the machine. When the wheel is finished, only the inner and outer bands need to be attached.

Wheel assembly Van Raam

Final inspection

The final inspector checks by means of a test ride the assembly instructions and a thorough inspection if the bike has been assembled properly, safely and correctly.

He also takes 3 photos of the bike before leaving the factory. For the electric bikes, the software is also played on the bike at this step.

Final inspection VeloPlus wheelchair bike

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