Van Raam rickshaw bike Chat with great impact

For the first annual meeting of Cycling without Age (CWA) in England, on November 23rd, 2019 we provided the Van Raam rickshaw bike Chat. Learn in this article more about the project "Cycling without age" and the Van Raam Chat and its great impact.

The Chat at the CWA annual general meeting in England

The Annual General Meeting of Cycling without Age took place at the nursing home in Rowheat House England, Birmingham. One of our dealers from England, Ashfield Special Needs tells us what a great success it was. The rickshaw bike Chat had a great effect and was favoured by everyone! The residents of the Rowheat House nursing home in England were especially impressed by the opportunity to ride backwards, which is possible thanks to Van Raam's unique pedal support. Residents of the nursing home who tried the Chat and didn't want to get off and keep going.

Van Raam rickshaw bike at CWA England Annual General Meeting
Residents of the nursing home Rowheat in England on Van Raam rickshaw bike Chat
Van Raam rickshaw bike chat in England cycling without age at nursing home
Van Raam cycling bikes without age
"The chat had a great impact and was favoured by everyone."
Das Chat is Rolls-Royce of rickshaw bikes at CWA

The Chat as Rolls-Royce of the rickshaws at CWA

On the website of Cycling Without Age different rickshaws can be found. However, it is the rickshaw bicycle chat of Van Raam which is called "The Rolls-Royce of trishaws". In 2018 Van Raam encountered Cycling Without Age. The non-profit company gives (lonely) elderly people all over the world the opportunity to use rickshaws in order to get outdoors and enjoy cycling again.
The CWA founder and Van Raam agreed that the current rickshaw bicycle needed modernization, so Van Raam decided to consider a new contemporary version of the rickshaw bike.

This is how the idea of the Chat rickshaw bicycle was born, which is now the Rolls-Royce of the rickshaws at CWA.

See the Rolls-Royce of the rickshaws
Unique riding characteristics rickshaw transport bike Chat

More special features of the rickshaw bike Chat

The Chat is a rickshaw bike that is suitable for a variety of cyclists. This bike is a great solution for the elderly as well as for small children on holiday to explore the area. Besides the good looks, the rickshaw bike chat is also very comfortable. This is partly due to the unique riding characteristics and the ergonomic seat. Read more about this in our article about "Unique riding characteristics of rickshaw transport bike Chat". 

Unique riding characteristics of the Chat
Chat Eurobike Gold Award 2019

Rickshaw Chat wins Eurobike Gold Award 2019

After the rickshaw bike Chat was introduced with great enthusiasm in May 2019, Van Raam received the  Eurobike Gold Award, at Eurobike 2019, an international award for this social bike. Read what this beautiful award means for Van Raam.

Chat Eurobike Gold Award 2019
Van Raam Rikscha bike chat comfortable bike tour

Rickshaw Chat Van Raams transport bike

Do you want to enjoy a comfortable bike ride? With Van Raams three-person rickshaw bike Chat this will become reality. Read more about this rickshaw transport bike from Van Raam.

Rickshaw Chat transport bike
Van Raam Rickshaw bike Chat old people cycling

Rickshaw Cargo Bike Chat lets seniors cycle together

For our photo shoot with the newest Cargo Bike of the Van Raam family, the rickshaw bike Chat, we asked the nursing home Azora Debbeshoek in Ulft, the netherlands if they are interested in being our models in the photos.

Chat let's seniors cycle
Chat Rickshaw test ride Van Raam

Chat from Van Raam free test ride

Would you like to try out the Chat rickshaw bicycle like the residents in England? Contact a dealer in your area and ask about the possibilities.

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