Van Raam donates record amount of money to Kanjers voor Kanjers

Van Raam donated a cheque to the Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation. The record amount of money consisted of gifts that during the opening of the new Van Raam bicycle factory have been donated to the Foundation Kanjers voor Kanjers.

Handing over of record amount of money to the Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation

On Thursday 21 November 2019, the handover of the cheque to the Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation took place at Van Raam in Varsseveld. Van Raam directors Jan-Willem Boezel and Ronald Ruesink handed over the cheque to John Theissen (board member) and Maarten Idink (volunteer) on behalf of the Van Raam management. John and Maarten received the cheque on behalf of the foundation.
With a record amount of €11,914.30, the value of the cheque was the highest ever donated to the foundation.
The amount has been achieved through donations made during the festive opening and the spectacular opening party in October 2019. At the beginning of the same year, Van Raam moved into the new sustainable bicycle factory in Varsseveld. The management of Van Raam indicated as a gift tip to make a donation to the Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation instead of a gift for themselves.

The guests, including the mayor and councillors of Varsseveld, Mr. Kluver (the oldest employee in the Netherlands), customers, suppliers and employees, responded to this and supported the foundation by donating an amount for this charity instead of giving a gift to the board members.

John en Maarten from the Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation: “Unprecedented, we never expected this!”
Cheque Van Raam to the Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation
From left to right: Maarten Idink (Kanjers voor Kanjers), Jan-Willem Boezel (Van Raam), John Theissen (Kanjers voor Kanjers), Ronald Ruesink (Van Raam)

Handing over the cheque

A press release on the handover has been written. This press release explains more about the Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation is, more about Van Raam and how Van Raam has raised this amount.
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The handover of the cheque in the media

Van Raam handed over a cheque to the Kanjers for Kanjers Foundation. Dutch Newspapers De Gelderlander and the Streekgids have written about the handover. 

De Gelderlander:
De Gelderlander published an article with the title: “Bijna 12 mille voor Kanjers voor Kanjers: grootste donatie ooit” (“Nearly 12 grand for Kanjers voor Kanjers: largest donation ever”).

De Streekgids:
Streekgids has published the article with the title: "Stichting Kanjers voor Kanjers ontvangt grootste donatie ooit" (“The Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation receives largest donation ever”).

Van Raam and the Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation

About the Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation

The Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation is dedicated to sporting events and trips for children in the Achterhoek region for whom sports and games are not a matter of course. For example, a child with a long-term illness, a disability or for children who cannot live at home or who cannot be a child. Making children close to home happy, that is what Kanjers voor Kanjers has in mind.
This can be done with the help of volunteers. The donations are used for sports and game material. (Source: Kanjers voor Kanjers)
As a sponsor of Kanjers voor Kanjers, Van Raam and the foundation have worked together on projects before. Many children have been made happy with a Fun2Go parallel tandem, Kivo Tandem, VeloPlus wheelchair bike and an Easy Rider tricycle. Van Raam is pleased to see happy children's faces again when they receive their special needs bicycle and can enjoy cycling again.

Van Raam and the Kanjers voor Kanjers Foundation

More about the Van Raam factory

In the begin on 2019, Van Raam moved to a new and sustainable factory. This was because Van Raam had become too big for the previous premises. On the ‘New Building’ page on our website you can see everything about this new building: From the first shovel that went into the ground in April 2018 to the festive opening in October 2019. Click on the button to read everything about the new bicycle factory. 

The new bicycle factory