foundation fietsmaatjes schiedam on van raam fun2go duo bike


Van Raam introduces Fietsmaatjes to Feyenoord Business Club

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foundation fietsmaatjes schiedam on van raam fun2go duo bike

Ronald Ruesink, commercial director of Van Raam and avid Feyenoord supporter, introduced Fietsmaatjes to the Feyenoord Business Club (FBC). Together with Rob Kent (chairman Fietsmaatjes Schiedam) he tells his story in the magazine of the FBC.

Feyenoord creates bond between Ruesink and Kent

Ronald Ruesink and Rob Kent met for the first time at Van Raam's, where Kent was selecting a new bicycle for Fietsmaatjes Schiedam. Kent's Rotterdam accent made Ruesink curious about his origins. Kent is not from Rotterdam, but lives in Schiedam. He does share the passion for Feyenoord with Ruesink.

The blue Fun2Go duo bikes from Fietsmaatjes

Foundation Fietsmaatjes Schiedam

Kent tell Ruesink about Foundation Fietsmaatjes Schiedam, a foundation that Ruesink holds in a warm heart. Throughout the Netherlands there are departments of Fietsmaatjes. They fight loneliness among the elderly by offering bike rides on side-by-side tandems. Volunteers go out with people who often can no longer cycle independently. Because you sit next to each other on a duo bike, there is opportunity to chat and enjoy the surroundings.

'While cycling, all sorts of memories surface and the senses are stimulated. That leads to great conversations. In some cases only for a big smile, but that is also nice', Kent says in the FBC magazine. Fietsmaatjes Schiedam currently has three Fun2Go duo bikes, all supplied by Van Raam. In total, around 120 people are getting exercise.

foundation fietsmaatjes schiedam on van raam fun2go duo bike
Fietsmaatjes Schiedam with front right chairman Rob Kent

While cycling, all sorts of memories surface and the senses are stimulated, which makes for great conversations.

Rob Kent

Van Raam delivers duo bikes to all Fietsmaatjes departments

Van Raam is manufacturer of adapted bicycles including the Fun2Go side-by-side tandem. Van Raam has supplied all departments of the foundation Fietsmaatjes with duo bikes. 'Almost everyone knows someone in his environment with dementia or Alzheimer. We find it very beautiful to serve that targer group,' says Ruesink in the article in the FBC magazine.

director ronald ruesink van raam introduces fietsmaatjes to feyenoord business club
From left to right: Van Raam management Marjolein Boezel, Ronald Ruesink and Jan-Willem Boezel

Director Van Raam calls on FBC members to support Fietsmaatjes

Kent's passion for Fietsmaatjes affects Ruesink. 'I know our bikes aren't cheap, but they still manage to raise enough funds through donors and subsidies. By putting in a lot of time and energy. All selflessly and purely from a good heart', he explains in the magazine. That is why he likes to introduce Fietsmaatjes Schiedam to other members of the Feyenoord Business Club. Ruesink hopes that other members will also be touched by this subject and calls uponthem in the magazine to support Fietsmaatjes Schiedam. 

The Van Raam Fun2Go side-by-side tandem where Stichting Fietsmaatjes cycles on

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Two volunteers from Fietsmaatjes Schiedam will depart for Paris on May 8th 2022 on a duo bike. They will do this to bring attention to the foundation. In addition, they also want to raise money for a new Fun2Go duo bike. Read more about the cycling trip to Paris in the customer experience of Romy Snijders and Whitney Schell in which they tell you more about the cycling trip. 


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