Tips for buying a tricycle

What to look for when purchasing a tricycle? Van Raam gives you 10 useful tips for buying a tricycle for children and adults. We hope to help you with the purchase of a tricycle.

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Special tricycle with pedal support

10 tips for purchasing a tricycle (in short)

  1. Decide for what purpose you will use the bicycle: bicycle target.

  2. Search for information about the different types of tricycles.

  3. Look positive, accept that cycling on a regular bicycle isn’t possible anymore and emphasize what you still can.

  4. Make a test ride and try different kind of models.

  5. Get good advice and information about the different kind tricycles, options and accessories.

  6. Choose the color which you like.

  7. When you choose for an electric bike (pedal support), choose the right motor and battery.

  8. Inform to funding options

  9. Decide if you want to ensure the bike.

  10. Enjoy cycling.

10 tips for purchasing a tricycle (with explanation)

Tip 1: Decide for what purpose you will use the bicycle

First you decide for what purpose you want to buy the bike. For what kind of activities are you going to use the bike? For going to work, going shopping, long bike tours, visiting family/friends, relaxation and free time.

The goal which you have in mind, also decides which options and accessories you need on the tricycle. For example, 8 gear, electric pedal support, saddle and possible accessories like a basket.

buying a Tricycle Van Raam

Tip 2: Search for information about the different types of tricycles

Just like the regular bicycles, there are many different types of tricycles:

  • Traditional tricycles: two-wheels behind and one wheel in front (Husky, Mini, Midi, Maxi);

  • Tricycle with low step through (Maxi Comfort);

  • Tricycle with seating (Easy Rider Small, Easy Rider, Easy Rider Compact);

  • Tricycle with recumbent seating (Easy Sport, Easy Sport Small);

  • Tricycle with two wheels in front and one wheel behind (Viktoria and Viktor);

  • Tricycle which can be used as an electric scooter (Easy Go)

Do you want to know more about the different types of tricycles for one person, which are made by Van Raam?


Tip 3: Look positive, accept that cycling on a regular bicycle isn’t possible anymore and emphasize what you still can

When it is not possible anymore to cycle on a regular bicycle, a good solution is the tricycle. Accept that you are not able to cycle a regular bike en search for a tricycle which fits you the best.  Look at the possibilities what you still can and check out the advantages: freedom, independent and movement.

Tip 4: Make a test ride and try different kind of models

A test ride is very important because everybody is different and has their own preferences. If you have experience with cycling on a regular bike, then you should keep in mind that cycling on a tricycle is completely different.  Read more about this subject in the article “cycling on a tricycle for adults”.
Every tricycle has his own characteristics and it is important to try different tricycles to experience which type of tricycle the best fits. Read more about the models of Van Raam Tricycles in the article “tricycle for adults”.
You can visit our showroom in Varsseveld by appointment (tel. +31 315 257 370) to try Van Raam tricycles. One of our advisors will help you and explains the differences between the models. You are welcome!
It is also possible to test Van Raam tricycles at some Van Raam dealers. Check out the Dealer page on our website and contact the dealer in your area.

Request a testride at Van Raam

Tip 5: Get good advice and information about the different kind of tricycles, options and accessories

Get good advice and information about the different kind of tricycles, options and accessories. Ask during your appointment when you are going to try the tricycle about the possible options. Every Van Raam bike can be delivered with several accessories to make the bike according to your own preferences. During the appointment, the Van Raam advisor will explain everything about the possible options and accessories. (kind of brake, pedal support, foot fixation, easy shift, basket etc.)
All standard options and accessories are published on our website on the page of the concerning tricycle at the tab price/documentation. Next to the standard options, we deliver also custom work. Because Van Raam produces every bike unique, special adjustment are no problem.

Options for tricycle van raam
Did you know that a tricycle is less wide than most people think? Every single Van Raam tricycle fits on the bike path and can pass through any standard door frame.
Edwin van der Sar en Roda JC bicycle

Tip 6: Choose the color which you like

After you decided which options you want to add to the bike, you can choose you’re the color. All Van Raam bicycles have a standard color (every model different) and a few optional other colors against a small additional price. In addition, the bike can be made in every RAL-color with additional costs.
So we make for the Edwin van der Sar Foundation all bicycles in the color orange and made a special yellow Roda JC tricycle (Dutch football club)

Tip 7: Choose the right motor and battery

The action radius of an electric tricycle depends on the level of pedal support (cycling in stand 1, 2, or 3), wind, speed, tire pressure, weight of cycler, surface ( road or sand), age of the battery.

At Van Raam we have two types of motors, the Silent and the Silent HT. With this powerful engine, you can cycle forwards and backwards. The advisors of Van Raam can explain everything about the special development for Van Raam motors. On the bicycles, you can assemble a 11.2 ah battery or a 24.8 ah battery. You can also choose for a second battery pack when you want to increase the action radius. Read more about the motor and battery on de page about electric pedal support.

Tip 8: Inform to funding options

Many families have obtained funding to purchase a Van Raam bike as therapeutic equipment for children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities such as autism, Down Syndrome, sight impairment, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and hypotonia. Luckily there are a lot of amazing organizations out there who can help funding for an adaptive bike,
for example: Make a Wish foundation and Children’s Charity fund. Read more about Funding in the UK at the website of our dealer Ashfield Special Needs LTD. Read more about funding options in the USA on the website of our dealer

Tip 9: Decide if you want to ensure the bike

You are not obligated to ensure the (electric) tricycle. It is advisable to ensure the bike for stealing. For the Easy Go scooter bike, you need to have an insurance.

Tip 10: Enjoy cycling

You bought a tricycle? Start enjoying cycling again!

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