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Find answers to your questions about the E-Bike app or your Smart E-Bike.

Van Raam Smart E-Bike

What is a Smart E-Bike?

All electric Van Raam bikes with the original Van Raam electrical system and delivered from May 2016 remain smart e-bikes. With the Van Raam e-bike app you can connect to the smart display by Bluetooth connection and still see a lot of information.

Do you have a yellow sticker on your battery? Then your battery is also IoT-connected and you can connect the battery and receive push notifications on your smartphone. Read more on the app page on the website.

What can you do with the Van Raam e-bike app?

  • Deluxe bike computer (view speed, battery status, total distance cycled)
  • Changing bike settings (such as changing recipe)
  • Sending SOS message with GPS location to self-selected phone number
  • Viewing information about the bicycle
  • Viewing biked routes in the app

How do you recognize a smart e-bike

Do you have a Van Raam bicycle with the Van Raam electrical system delivered after May 2016? Then you have smart e-bike. You can recognise the Van Raam electro system by:

  • The smart display
  • The backwards cycling function
  • The motors
  • The batteries
  • The individually adjustable pedal support
  • Lighting via the electrical system
Read more in the article 'How to recognise the Van Raam electrical system'.

How do you use your smart e-bike?

A smart e-bike is smart from the moment it leaves our factory. Download the Van Raam E-Bike App, and you can practically be on your way. All you have to do is create an account.

You can connect the e-bike app with the display via Bluetooth. As soon as the display is ready to connect to the smartphone, the on/off button will briefly turn blue.You can download Van Raam e-bike app via the Google Play Store (Android) or via de Apple App Store (IOS) for free.

         download van raam app (android)                             download van raam app (Iphone)

Smart Display Van Raam
Van Raam Smart Display

Which Van Raam bicycles are suitable for the Van Raam e-bike app?

All Van Raam bicycles with the original Van Raam pedal support system delivered since May 2016 (and equipped with the smart display) are ready for the app. Older Van Raam bicycles or Van Raam bicycles that still have the oval display can be converted at Van Raam. Please contact Van Raam for more information.

Is my bike suitable for the use of the Van Raam E-bike App?

Yes you can, if you have a smart display. You can download the Van Raam e-bike app via the Google Play Store for Android or the Apple App Store for IOS.

Where can I download the Van Raam E-Bike App?

Van Raam's E-Bike App can be downloaded for free in the Google Play Store (for Android) or Apple App store (IOS).  

I have not received a confirmation email, what now?

First, please check all the folders in your inbox, including the spam folder. Not all email systems are equally well supported. We advise you to use systems such as Gmail, Hotmail or iCloud, where there are almost no problems.

Where can I find my frame number?

The frame number is on the frame of your bike and is made up of eleven digits. In the article: The frame number on the special needs bikes from Van Raam’ you will find a chart of where you can find the sticker with the frame number for each bike. In the app, you can type in the frame number or you can scan the sticker via the camera icon.

What are the advantages of a Van Raam Smart E-Bike?

With the Van Raam e-bike app you can make use of many advantages of a smart e-bike:

  • View bike data: including speed, battery status and distance cycled.

  • Change bike settings.

  • View cycled routes: See where you've cycled on a map on your smartphone.

  • SOS signal: Send an SOS message via the app

I don't have a Van Raam bike, can I use the app?

No, unfortunately, you cannot use the app with another brand of (adapted) bike.

I do have a Van Raam bike, but no pedal support. Can I use the app? 

No, to use the app you need a Van Raam bike with the original Van Raam pedal support system.

How do I connect my bicycle with the Van Raam e-bike app?

Watch the video below to see how you, as a Van Raam biker and Van Raam dealer, can connect your smartphone to the Van Raam e-bike app. Read more in the article 'Connect your adapted bike to the Van Raam e-bike app'.