Electric tricycle for kids

Van Raam produces special needs bicycles to enable people with a disability to cycle (again). These bicycles are made for adults, but also for children. The product range includes three electric tricycles that are suitable for a child. Read more in the article about an electric tricycle for kids.

Electric tricycle for children

Not all children can cycle on a conventional two-wheel bike. This may be due to a disability for example. In order to make it easier for a child with a disability to cycle independently again, Van Raam has various electric trikes in its range that are specifically  designed for kids. These are:

  1. Mini electric tricycle for kids from approx. 4 years
  2. Midi electric tricycle for youth or smaller adults
  3. Easy Rider Small electric trike for kids from approx. 4 year or for smaller adults

These three electric tricycles for kids are highlighted below. Would you like to read more about ‘Bicycles for children with a disability’? You can do so by clicking on the button. Or read more about therapeutic bikes for children in the article 'Van Raam therapeutic bike for children'.

Bikes for children
Electric tricycle for kids Mini Van Raam

Electric tricycle Mini

The Mini is a tricycle suitable for a child from about 4 years old. The tricycle has a modern design and can be expanded with many options, such as backrest support or a push bar. The bike comes standard in cheerful colors: blue, yellow and red. It is possible to change to colors to your preference. The trike can be powder coated in a RAL color of your choice
As an extra option, the unique Van Raam pedal support can be chosen. The pedal support makes it easier to cycle on this kids’ electric trike. See more advantages of the Mini trike below:

  • Because of the pedal support, (almost) every child can cycle again

  • Fits through a normal door

  • Agile

  • Convenient parking brake to get on and off the bike safely

  • Environmentally friendly powder coating

  • Smooth running

Read everything about this kids’ electric trike on the product page. On this page, you will also find the price list. All possible options are listed here.

The Mini
Electric tricycle for kids Midi Van Raam

Electric tricycle Midi

For children from about 8 years of age, young adults or smaller adults, the tricycle Midi has been developed. The Midi has a beautiful and modern design and is also available with various options. For example, the bike can be equipped with a floating pedal or foot fixation. As with the Mini, this trike comes in a standard color. You can choose a different RAL color so that the bike is completely tailored to its user.
The bike can be equipped with pedal assistance. Then, the child will have a good support while cycling. He or she can easily cycle, and it won’t take too much energy. See more advantages of this kids’ electric trike:

  • Because of the pedal support, (almost) every child can cycle again

  • Fits through a normal door

  • Agile and smooth running

  • Convenient parking brake to get on and off the bike safely

  • Multiple options possible

  • Environmentally friendly powder coating

Do you want to read more about the Midi electric tricycle? See all the information and possible options at the price list on the product page.

The Midi
“Each bicycle is uniquely produced with the right options and accessories so that the user can cycle again. Let’s all cycle!”
Easy Rider Small electric tricycle for children Van Raam

Electric trike Easy Rider Small

The Easy Rider Small is a tough trike for kids from about 4 years old or for smaller adults. This bike is specially designed for a child who has difficulty balancing. The bike has a seat with backrest for extra support and a low step in for extra stability and safety. The suspension in the frame provides a lot of comfort while cycling. The bike comes in a standard color and just as with the Mini and the Midi, it is possible to adjust the RAL color and add options to personalise the bike and make it suitable for the child.
The Easy Rider Small can alco be equipped with the Van Raam pedal support. This gives you an electric tricycle for kids or smaller adults who needs the support of the electric motor while cycling. In addition, the Easy Rider Small has many unique riding characteristics, just like the version for adults, the Easy Rider. Check out these features in the article ‘Unique riding characteristics of the Easy Rider tricycle’.

Do you want to know more benefits of the Easy Rider Small? See them below.

  • Because of the pedal support, (almost) every child can cycle again

  • Fits through a normal door

  • Small turning radius

  • Comfortable seat

  • Convenient parking brake to get on and off the bike safely

  • Perfect riding comfort
  • Fresh, tough and sporty appearance

  • Environmentally friendly powder coating

Do you want more information about this electric tricycle for kids? See the product page of the bike. Here, you will also find the price list with all the available options for this trike.

Easy Rider Small

Van Raam pedal support

The Silent System is the unique pedal support that Van Raam has developed itself. The motors, batteries, the display for the bike (the controller) and the software are all specially developed by Van Raam for special needs bikes.
The electrical system has the following unique features:


  • Simple to use with the controller on the bike

  • 3 individually adjustable support modes

  • Powerful motors

  • High quality, safe batteries

  • Starting aid/launch control for starting to cycle easily

  • Almost noiseless motor
  • Possible to cycle backwards

  • Modern electronics
Electric tricycle for kids controller Van Raam pedal support

If you have chosen for an electric trike, a bike with pedal assistance, you automatically have access to the free Van Raam E-Bike App. With this app, it is possible to adjust the pedal assistance settings so that you can have just the right support to be able to cycle with your disability. In addition, it is possible to send an SOS message with coordinates and view your current bike data, such as speed and battery capacity.
Read more about electric tricycles in the article ‘An adapted e tricycle from Van Raam’.
Read everything about the pedal support from Van Raam on the website.

Pedal support
Electricy tricycle Easy Rider Small Van Raam for Diego

User experience of the Easy Rider Small tricycle

Our dealer RRC RehaRad from Fraureuth has ensured that little Diego can once again cycle independently on his Easy Rider Small tricycle with electric pedal assistance.
After a long wait and negotiations with the insurance company, Diego was finally able to use his bike. Diego is now the proud owner of an Easy Rider Small with electric pedal assistance supplied by RRC RehaRad. The low seat height makes it possible for the wheelchair user to get on and off his tricycle independently. The pedal assistance is required for Diego and allows him to make trips on the bike together with his family.
After a long wait for the insurance reimbursement, RRC managed with great effort to optimise the bicycle in such a way that Diego was able to get on and off the bike completely on its own and continue cycling without danger. This was partly since Diego is such a go-getter who has done everything in his power to make this happen. After his mother did everything she could to get the bike reimbursed, Diego wanted nothing more than a radiant smile on his mother's face. After all the effort on all sides, this succeeded completely.

RRC RehaRad and Van Raam wishes Diego lots of fun on his Easy Rider Small tricycle with pedal assistance.

Do you want to read another user experience about the Easy Rider Small? A special Easy Rider Small was designed for Tim because he wouldn't otherwise be able to cycle because of his muscle illness. Read more about this tricycle in the article ‘Specially made Easy Rider Small tricycle for Tim’.

Tricycle for Tim

Mini tricycle

"Although Duncan is in a wheelchair, he is just as happy as his peers and wants to be part of it as much as any other child. That's why he has a Mini tricycle."

Mother of Duncan - Gorinchem

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Midi tricycle

"My name is Rosita Rampertaap, I’m 34 years old and I live in Brummen. For years I have a tricycle made by Van Raam. I have the Midi model, since I'm not that big. I have this because of my handicap."

Rosita Rampertaap - Brummen

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Midi tricycle

"I have a new Midi tricycle and I enjoy riding it a lot. This is the one and and it makes me suuuuuuuper happy. I ride it wherever I go: to my friends, parents and grocery shopping."

Astrid Janssen - Wijchen (Netherlands)

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Dealer overview Van Raam special needs bikes

Trying out an electric tricycle

Would you like to know which electric tricycle or which other Van Raam bicycle is suitable for you or for your child? Come and try out the bike in our showroom in Varsseveld. During a free test ride, you will get all the information you need to know and you can try out the bike yourself.
Don’t you have the possibility to come to the showroom? Van Raam has many dealers at home and abroad. Please contact a Van Raam dealer in your area and ask about the possibilities.

Dealer overview

More Van Raam special needs bicycles for kids

Besides the Mini, the Midi and the Easy Rider Small, Van Raam makes more bikes suitable for children. Take a look at these bikes below:

Tricycle for kids Husky Van Raam

The Husky is a tricycle for kids from about 2 years old. At this cheerful bike, the pedal support is not possible. Read all about the Husky on the product page.


Electric tandem for kids Kivo Van Raam

The Kivo is a tandem with two wheels where a child can sit at the frond a parent or attendant at the back. It is possible to equip the tandem with pedal support, so you have an electric tandem.


Electric tandem for kids Kivo Plus Van Raam
Kivo Plus

The Kivo Plus is a three-wheel tandem that provides extra stability due to the two wheels at the rear. Also with this bike, a child can sit at the front and an adult at the back. It is possible to turn the tandem into an electric tricycle tandem by choosing pedal assistance.

Kivo Plus
Fun2Go duo bike tricycle tandem Van Raam

The Fun2Go duo bike is a tricycle tandem in which the drivers sit next to each other. It is possible to purchase a fixation vest for a child, so that a companion can cycle with the child. A frequently chosen option with the Fun2Go is the Van Raam pedal support.