Tim on the adapted Easy Rider Small tricycle


Specially made Easy Rider Small tricycle for Tim

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Tim on the adapted Easy Rider Small tricycle

As a producer of special needs bicycles, all Van Raam bicycles are produced in our own factory in Varsseveld. One of the advantages of this is that we can develop the bike completely to the customer's wishes. Every Van Raam bicycle can be equipped with a lot of options to make the bike suitable. If this is not enough, frame adjustments are possible or we make larger adjustments and we tailor the bike completely. For example, we recently made a special Easy Rider Small tricycle for Tim.

Tricycle children Easy Rider Compact Small Van Raam

Easy Rider Small no longer available

The Easy Rider Small is no longer available. Instead, there is the Easy Rider Compact Small for children. This compact tricycle offers the same stability and safety, but with improved maneuverability and comfort.

View Easy Rider Compact Small

Tailor-made electric kids tricycle

At Van Raam we have 4 tricycles for children: the Husky, Mini, Midi and Easy Rider Small. Read more about the Van Raam children's tricycles here.

Sometimes a standard model (with options) is not enough and the bike will be adapted, this was also the case with Tim. For Tim, due to his muscular disease, it is not possible to cycle on one of the standard models tricycles. Bending is also not possible for Tim, so we have adapted an Easy Rider Smallfor him.

Jan-Willem Tornij, Mechanical engineer at Van Raam, designed the bicycle in the 3D drawing program Solid Works. He has taken an Easy Rider Small as a starting point and made various adjustments, such as a raised seat, a raised handle and a attachment plate with a chain lock on the backrest.

Special adapted tricycle
Design of the tailor-made tricycle

A test ride on the three wheel bike

Because this Easy Rider Smalltricycle was specially adapted for Tim and we wanted to know for sure that the adjustment was correct, a 'rough fit' was done first for this special bike. During such a rough fit, the bicycle will be fully assembled, but is not powder coated in the correct color yet. The reason for this is that afterwards, if necessary, frame(adjustments) can be made.

Together with his family, Tim visited Van Raam to try out the tricycle and to discuss the final details with Anne Kühnen, commercial technical advisor at Van Raam.

rough fitting Easy Rider Small cycling through the Van Raam factory

During the ‘rough fit’, the bike was well tested. Tim has cycled through the Van Raam factory on his Easy Rider Small.

Tim with his electrical tricycle

After the ‘rough fit’, the tricycle was disassembled, powder coated in the right green color and fully assembled again.

The specially made Easy Rider Small tricycle

Tim's Easy Rider Small is, in addition to the special adaptions, also equipped with a Silent electric motor so that he gets support while cycling. With the starting aid, that is standard on the electrical system, he can easily get ahead without pedaling.

Tim has chosen for the color applegreen, or 'poison green', as he described it himself.

During the delivery of the bike, the bike was completely adjusted and the electrical system was set up correctly, so that Tim gets enough support from the bike during cycling. 

We wish Tim a lot of fun with his Easy Rider Small!

Tim on the adapted Easy Rider Small tricycle
Tim uses his Easy Rider Small tricycle for the first time
Child therapy bike Van Raam Easy Rider Compact Small

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