Cycling with Parkinson's disease

Every year, on April 11th, people pay extra attention to Parkinson's disease during World Parkinson's Day. April 11th is the birthday of James Parkinson, he discovered this brain disorder in 1817. Parkinson's disease is a brain disease. The symptoms of Parkinson's disease are different for each patient, but in general the most common symptoms are: trembling, stiffness, fatigue, slower movement, difficulty in moving and talking. These symptoms make it increasingly difficult for patients to stay mobile and independent. In many cases, mobility aids can make the patient's life more pleasant, including Van Raam's special needs bicycles. Read in this article what Van Raam can do for people with Parkinson's disease.

Cycling with Parkinson's disease
Parkinson's is a disease in the brain that causes stiffness

Parkinson's disease

On the website of the Foundation Parkinson's Fund you can read that Parkinson's disease is a brain disorder in which a small group of cells in the brain damages and dies. As a result, cells can no longer produce dopamine, the chemical that we need to move smoothly and to control our body movements.

No one is immune to Parkinson's. In 2013, an estimated 53 million people worldwide suffered from this brain disorder. More than 55,000 Dutch people have Parkinson's disease, most people with this disease are over 50 years old. However, at the moment there seems to be an increase among people in their thirties and forties. The disease is slowly progressive and recovery is unfortunately not yet possible.

The Easy Go is suitable for people with varying energy levels
The Easy Go is suitable for people with varying energy levels

Keep your mobility with Parkinson's disease

The symptoms of Parkinson's disease can include trembling, difficulty with speaking, stiff arms and legs. These symptoms can make cycling on a traditional bike with two wheels difficult. After all, you can react slower in traffic situations and stiff arms and legs also make it more difficult to get on and off (quickly) on a two-wheel bicycle. A tricycle can be a solution. Because this bicycle has three wheels, it remains stable and you can easily get on and off. If you arrive at a traffic light and you have to wait a while for the green light, you can just sit on the tricycle and you do not have to get off the bike and keep your balance. Read in the article 'With an adaptive bike participating in traffic' more experiences of road users with a special needs bike.

The pedal support on our special needs bicycles ensures that, despite the slowly progressive syndrome of Parkinson's, you are still sufficiently supported during cycling. If you have a very varying energy level, our Easy Go scooter bike can also offer a solution. With this bike it is possible to cycle or to use the mobility scooter function. Come and try the Easy Go and the other special needs bikes made by Van Raam during a free test ride in our showroom in Varsseveld or visit one of our dealers.

Van Raam also has various bicycle options that can make the cycling even more enjoyable. For example, mirrors, stick holder, walker holder preparation, but also a direction indicator.

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Cycling together with Parkinson's disease
Cycling together with Parkinson's disease

Cycling independently and together Parkinson's disease

Because the symptoms with Parkinson's disease are different for every patient, it sometimes happens that one person can still cycle independently, but the other person is not able to cycle independently. At Van Raam we have both single and multi-person bicycles that can be solution. We have tandems with two and three wheels, but also side by side tandems where two people can sit next to each other.

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Cycling experiences of people with Parkinson's disease

Van Raam regularly talks to end users about their experiences with our bicycles. These end users also include people with Parkinson's disease. View the experiences of the end users below and read how they keep their mobility. Do you also have a Van Raam bicycle and would you like to share your experiences with us? Then go to our 'user experiences' page and share your experience!

Easy Go scooter bike

"After I received my Easy Go, I first took cycling lessons with an occupational therapist before I went cycling on the road. I can certainly recommend this. I now enjoy cycling!"

Natascha van Leeuwen - Tubbergen

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Easy Sport recumbent trike

"I have been in possession of an Easy Sport for about a month now and I want to let you know that I am very satisfied. The bike is very well adjustable on my body and I feel absolutely safe with it."

Bernard Van Maele - Menen (Belgium)

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Twinny Plus tandem

"I have Parkinson's disease and I can no longer cycle independently. Walking is also becoming increasingly difficult. Now I can go everywhere with my husband. That is so nice."

Magdalena Olaerts - Zutendaal, Belgium

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