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Customer experience Twinny Plus tricycle tandem - Annemarie

Customer experience twinny plus tricycle tandem annemarie
9 / 10

Annemarie: "My husband has balance problems (Parkinson's), which makes cycling difficult. Therefore, we purchased a second-hand Twinny Plus tricycle tandem from Van Raam last summer." Read Annemarie's story here.

Twinny Plus tandem
(RAL 9006) White aluminium
Pedal assist, Balanced pedal with strap
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Familiar with the duo bike as a cycling buddy

"As a 'cycling buddy' at the Odensehuis L.e.o., I regularly go out with people who can no longer cycle independently. Because of this I already know the Fun2Go duo bike of Van Raam. However, my husband and I found the duo bike too wide. Coincidentally, I saw a Van Raam tricycle tandem on the internet a while ago, from a private person. We had it checked by Van Raam dealer Huisman Tweewielers in Leiden. Then my husband and I cycled happily on it all summer."

Customer experience Twinny Plus tricycle tandem Annemarie Pijpers

When the co-passenger is tired, he/she can stop pedaling and the main driver can continue pedaling.

Annemarie Pijpers

Test ride at the Van Raam Showroom

"After a while we noticed that when my husband got tired, it was hard for me to pedal. Especially with longer distances. So in the spring we went to the Van Raam showroom in Varsseveld and made a test ride on an electric tricycle tandem. We liked it very much, even without the pedal assistance switched on. The advisor gave us extensive information, especially about the freewheel hub. When the co-passenger is tired, he/she can stop pedaling and the main driver can continue pedaling. This was not possible on our other second-hand tricycle tandem. This is a much better outcome for us!"

Happy cycling

"Despite the corona delivery problems we could pick up the Twinny Plus with freewheel hub (recommended!) in July at dealer Huisman. We have spent the entire summer and autumn cycling in the wide area. After about 1.5 hours of cycling we switch on the pedal assistance and cycle home. Once in a while we encounter an obstacle. Sometimes we manage to overcome the obstacle, and otherwise there is always someone willing to help. We are very happy with the Twinny Plus. Especially because we can cycle very smoothly, even without pedal assistance. Cycling keeps our muscles strong and we save on battery energy."

Annemarie Pijpers - Leiden, the Netherlands
Bike: Twinny Plus tricycle tandem

Pros & cons
  • Good pedal assist
  • Independent cycling because of the disengagement hub
  • Keeps us sporty
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