Cycling with autism

People with autism have a different way of processing information in the brain. Cycling can therefore be a challenge. Van Raam's adapted bicycles can help with this. Read more about cycling with autism and the use of an adapted bicycle.

What is autism?

Autism is a disorder that is not easy to describe. Although the exact cause is not known, we do know autism is a highly variable, neurodevelopmental disorder. In short, this means that information processing in the brain is different than with other people. There are big differences between people with autism. Some have a mental handicap, most have a normal or high intelligence. People with autism often feel comfortable with routine, rituals, structure and clarity. Unexpected events and changes can be difficult for them. More than 1% of the Dutch have autism. One in 160 children worldwide has autism (Source: Mentaal Beter, Gezondheidsnet and WHO).

Cycling with a brain disorder, like autism

Autism and cycling

In traffic you need to be able to observe, evaluate, decide and act quickly. And it is precisely this process that is not automatically implemented for someone with autism. Cycling becomes quite a challenge and can be very stressful. Also, people with autism can sometimes have (psycho)motor problems and have difficulty moving. Nevertheless, it is important that people with autism exercise regularly, such as cycling. Besides the fact that cycling is healthy, it also has a positive influence on social skills and communication. (Source: bewegen voor je brein).

With autism on an adapted bicycle

Van Raam is manufacturer of adapted bicycles. At Van Raam we have several adapted bicycles in our assortment that are suitable for a person with autism. The bicycles fall under the following categories:

Van Raam tricycles to cycle with autism


As the name suggests, these are bicycles with three wheels instead of two. A tricycle is very suitable if you have problems with your balance. At Van Raam we have traditional tricycles, tricycles with a seat and tricycles with two wheels at the front and one wheel at the back.

Van Raam wheelchair bikes to cycle with autism

Wheelchair bikes

Van Raam's wheelchair bikes are suitable to transport someone who is in a wheelchair. The VeloPlus is a wheelchair transport bike and the OPair is a wheelchair bike with a built-in seat.

Wheelchair bikes
Tandems by Van Raam to cycle with autism


At Van Raam we have tandems with two wheels or three-wheel tandems. Because of the low entry level or lack of entry and the different options the tandems are often used with people who can no longer cycle independently.

Duo Bike Cycling with autism Van Raam

Double rider cycles

With the double rider cycle Fun2Go you don't sit next to each other, like with a regular tandem. This tandem has three wheels and one person can steer and brake. The co-driver can pedal along. The FunTrain is a double rider cycle trailer and can be connected behind a Fun2Go.

Double rider cycles
Low entry bicycle Cycling with autism Van Raam

Low step through bikes

A low step through bike is a comfortable bike. Van Raam's low step through bikes have a unique frame, which makes it possible to always get on the ground with both feet, without getting off the bike.

Low step through bikes
Walking aid by Van Raam to cycle with autism

Walking aid

The walking aid is suitable for people who have difficulty walking or have problems standing for long periods of time. Your body weight is carried by the saddle of the walking aid, this relieves your leg joints.

Walking aid
Scooter bike by Van Raam to cycle with autism

Scooter bike

The scooter bike Easy Go is a mobility scooter and an (electric) bike in one. With this bike you can choose whether you cycle or use the mobility scooter setting.

Scooter bike
Van Raam transport bikes to cycle with autism

Transport bikes

The Van Raam transport bikes are used to transport people who cannot or do not want to participate in traffic independently.

Transport bikes

Not every kind of bike is a match for someone with autism. That's why we always advise everyone to take a test ride on an adapted bike.

Would you like to see all Van Raam's adapted bikes again? You can do this via the 'Our bikes'-page.

All bikes

Cycling experiences of people with autism

Fun2Go side by side bike

"Collin Capozzi (22) from Belgium has an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but this doesn't stop him from getting on the road with the Fun2Go double rider cycle."

Collin Capozzi - Puurs

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Maxi tricycle

"Since my childhood I have been riding a Van Raam tricycle and I have been using the Maxi for a while now via the WMO (Social Support Act). Without my tricycle I would never have been able to cycle!"

Dominique van Steijn - Den Helder

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Cycling with autism Van Raam side by side bike
At the delivery of the custom bike (Source: Nordkurier Photo: Karberg)

Boy with autism gets custom bike donated

In northern Germany, the 16-year-old Max with autism received a Fun2Go custom bike through a fundraising campaign. Through the fundraising campaign of the sports club a nice amount was raised, after which the bicycle shop in Waren could order the Fun2Go from Van Raam.

Want to read more? Read here the full article:  'Van Raam Fun2Go custom bike makes autistic boy more mobile'.

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Test adapted bike

At Van Raam it is possible to try the above bikes. During an appointment at Van Raam you will get a consultation from a technical advisor and it is possible to test one or more bicycles outside. It is possible to make use of the bicycle test track and you will receive a free offer. Read more about this process: How do I order a Van Raam custom bike?

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