van raam fun2go custom bike makes autistic boy more mobile


Van Raam Fun2Go custom bike makes autistic boy more mobile

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van raam fun2go custom bike makes autistic boy more mobile

A charity run has raised money for a young autistic boy from northern Germany. Thanks to the many helpers, he can ride a bike again and is therefore much more mobile and flexible. Learn more about the special bike and cycling with autism in this article.

Being mobile again thanks to Van Raams special needs bike

"Just” going for a ride was not an option. For Max this is a dream that lies in the far distance, because the 16-year-old Max from northern Germany has autism. But sometimes, dreams come true, and now for the first time "just" going on his bike and start cycling has become reality. Now he can simply sit on the three-wheeled Fun2Go special needs custom bike and, together with his mother, who is always there as a guide, explore the area, go to friends and much more.

van raam fun2go custom bike makes autistic boy more mobile
At the delivery of the custom bike (Source: Nordkurier Photo: Karberg)

Through a fundraising campaign, in this case a fundraising run by the Müritzer Laufsportverein, more than 9,000 Euros were collected. The bike shop in Waren was able to order the bike from Van Raam, completly adapted to Max's needs and also equipped with pedal support.

In addition, Max and his mother can also enjoy free maintenance from Zweirad Karberg for over three years, as he will take this as part of the donation. Now Max is ready to cycle through the world.

Company owner Ulf Karberg explains why this is the right vehicle: "We found the Fun2Go. It is a three-wheel tandem on which users sit next to each other. One person steers, both can pedal and have a good conversation. With the electric motor, the cyclists have pedal assistance, so they can always cycle well without much effort". (Source: Nordkurier)

Finally mobile again - deep gratitude

Max's dream finally comes true, and he and his mother are incredibly grateful. They sent a message of thanks (in german) to all the helpers because they also received a lot of dedication from people from the surrounding area by means with many greeting cards with encouraging words.

Van Raam Fun2Go custom bike makes autistic boy more mobile gratitude
(Source: Nordkurier Photo: Susann Salzmann)

Cycling with autism

Autism is a deep-seated developmental disorder, which is based on complex disorders in the central nervous system - especially in the area of perception processing, which begins during childhood. The effects limit the affected person in many ways. These include limitations in their relationship with their environment, participation in community life and the ability to integrate into society, as cognitive, linguistic, physical, emotional and interactional functions are affected. Accordingly, cycling on a traditional two-wheeled bicycle is not an option and a special, adapted solution for the mobility with autism is needed. (Source: Autismus-online)

Read more in: 'Cycling with autism'.

Cycling with autism

Cycling with autism on a tricycle tandem Fun2Go

With the Fun2Go tricycle tandem, where you ride side by side instead of one behind the other, it is easier to keep an eye on the autistic person and see how he or she reacts to the environment. Furthermore, you can move around and be mobile and active again, as everyday life otherwise tends to look less mobile without the right aids. It is also particularly handy that it can optionally be adjusted if the passenger should pedal, whether they pedal at all or pedal at their own pace. Thanks to the many options and accessories, the bicycle can also be adapted to all individual needs and the clinical picture, making cycling possible again.

More about the Fun2Go

Cycling with autism on a tricycle tandem Fun2Go

Other Van Raam tandems and user experiences

Depending on the degree of autism, other Van Raam bicycles may also be a possibility. See below the tandems, but also the user experience of Dominique van Steijn who has a from of autismand can ride a Maxi tricycle.

Van Raam tricycle tandem Kivo Plus for people with autism
Van Raam tricycle tandem Twinny Plus for people with autism
Van Raam tricycle Maxi user experience for people with autism

Cycling with a brain disorder

In addition to autism, there are many other issues that can limit life. You can find out how cycling is possible in our article "Cycling with a brain disorder".

Cycling with a brain disorder

cycling with a brain disorder

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