Cycling with a Van Raam cargo bike transport

Van Raam has several cargo bikes for transport in its range. These cargo bikes are suitable for transporting people to enjoy a bike ride together. Read more about the different types of cargo transport bikes here.

Cycling with a Van Raam cargo bike transport

Cargo bike transport by Van Raam

A cargo bike is often used to transport goods, animals or people. Such bicycles have been around for a very long time and before the invention of the car, they were already being used a lot.

At Van Raam we have several types of cargo bikes in our assortment. These cargo bikes are suitable for cycling together with someone who can't or won't cycle independently anymore. Check out the different cargo bikes tranpsort below and find out what they are used for.

Cycling with a Van Raam cargo bike transport -  Chat cargo bike rickshaw

Rickshaw bike Chat

The Chat is used to transport people or to cycle together with adults and / or children who can no longer participate in traffic on their own. One supervisor cycles with one or two persons who sit next to each other in a specially designed seat. The driver of the cargo bike sits behind the seat and has an overview of the road and the passengers.

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Cycling with a Van Raam cargo bike transport - cargo bike wheelchair

Wheelchair bike OPair

The OPair transport cargo bike is used to cycle with a person who sits is a wheelchair. These are children or adults who can no longer cycle independently and for whom a transfer is easy. At the front of the bike, a seat has been mounted for the passenger. From the rear, the driver has a good overview of the road and can monitor the passenger.

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Cycling with a Van Raam cargo bike transport - cargo bike transport wheelchair

Wheelchair transport bike VeloPlus

The VeloPlus cargo bike transport is used for transporting a person who can continue to sit in his/her own manual wheelchair. No transfer is required between the wheelchair and the bike. Without any lifting aid or exertion, the passenger in the wheelchair is pushed onto the tiltable platform of the bike and then secured with the wheelchair lock and belt. 

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5 advantages of a cargo bike transport

A Van Raam cargo bike for transport has the following advantages:

  • The cargo bikes are social bikes; the driver and passenger can easily interact with each other.

  • With a cargo bike you can often get closer to your final destination than with a car.

  • With a cargo bike transpport you hardly burden the environment.

  • You do not need a driving licence to drive a cargo bike.

  • The bicycle is a healthy means of transport. Read more about this in the article: '10 reasons why cycling is healthy'.

Cycling with a Van Raam cargo bike transport - electric cargo bike transport

Electric cargo bike

Van Raam also has cargo bikes with pedal support, making cycling a lot easier. The Chat is equipped with Van Raam's unique and powerful pedal support system. With the OPair and VeloPlus, you can choose for optional pedal support.

Van Raam's Silent pedal support System is known for its simple operation, powerful electric motors and the ability to cycle forwards and backwards with the pedal support switched on.

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Experiences with a cargo bike transport

Below you will find some customer experiences with the Van Raam cargo bikes.

Chat Rickshaw Bike

"Jan-Willem is a volunteer at Riksja Harderwijk, where he cycles around with people who can't cycle independently (anymore). Recently they received the Chat rikshaw bike from Van Raam."

Riksja Harderwijk - Harderwijk

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OPair wheelchair bike

"Adam Pyle is 25 years old and has profound Physical and Learning Disabilities. Together with his mum Kate and his dad Graham, he lives in England. Recently they received the Opair Wheelchair Trike."

Adam Pyle - England

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"My name is Angelica Malinverni and I'm the mom of Caterina, who has had a disability since birth. We recently purchased the VeloPlus wheelchair bike and it has changed our lives!"

Angelica Malinverni - Italy

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