5 questions to get to know Van Raam employees

Van Raam wants to give its employees the opportunity to introduce themselves in an interview with 5 questions. In this article you will find an overview of Van Raam employees who have answered these questions.

5 questions to get to know Van Raam employees

Meet our Van Raam team

Get to know our Van Raam team through a video with article. Watch the following videos of our colleagues answering 5 questions.

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Van Raam is a manufacturer of special needs bikes. Want to know more about our bikes and our company? Check out the about Van Raam page.

About Van Raam
Management Board Van Raam consisting of Marjolein Boezel, Ronald Ruesink and Jan Willem Boezel
The management of Van Raam, consisting of (from left to right) Marjolein Boezel, Ronald Ruesink and Jan-Willem Boezel.

Meet the management of Van Raam

Get to know Van Raam's management (better)! The family business is led by Marjolein Boezel, Jan-Willem Boezel and Ronald Ruesink. Meet the management in the video '5 questions for the Van Raam management' below.

Meet the management
Overview Van Raam bicycle factory with solar panels

Van Raam team

At Van Raam we work with approximately 245 employees, divided over about 15 departments. In addition, there are a number of freelancers and flexible employees.
We are also proud that the former oldest employee in the Netherlands, Henk Kluver, has worked at Van Raam for more than 70 years. He retired on January 1, 2018 at the age of 95.

Meet our team

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