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5 questions for an information manager at Van Raam Maikel Fraikin

Maikel Fraikin is an information manager at Van Raam. Get to know him better in this article with video in which we ask him 5 questions.

Video: 5 questions for an information manager at Van Raam

Tip: Dutch is spoken in this video. Feel free to turn on the subtitles for accompanying text and explanations. 

Questions and answers from a Van Raam information manager

In the video above 5 questions were asked to Maikel Fraikin, read his answers here:

1. Can you introduce yourself?

"My name is Maikel Fraikin and I have been working at Van Raam as an information manager since 2019."

2. What makes it interesting to work at Van Raam?

"What I find very special at Van Raam is the passion people have for making bicycles. Adapted bicycles. When you see how happy people get with an adapted bicycle here in the showroom, that's what we actually do it for every day. And I really enjoy doing my part."

5 questions for Maikel Fraikin information manager at Van Raam

3. What is a common prejudice about your work?

"I think the main prejudice of my job is that we sit at the computer a lot. And spend a lot of time with computer programs and maybe get out of our office a bit too little. At least in my case, that's not true.

I think it's very important to understand how people have to do their work every day. Because ultimately we are responsible for ensuring that everyone gets the right information at the right time, to be able to do their job properly. And you can't do that just by sitting behind a screen; you have to visit the people."

5 questions for Maikel Fraikin information manager at Van Raam prejudice

4. What is your most memorable Van Raam-moment? 

"What I thought was the coolest thing is, I got to go with our field adviser one time. That's where you get to people who really need a bike like this. In this case, it was a one young boy. I think he was about seven or eight years old. And yes, it was a somewhat hopeless illness, but when you see the joy on his face and actually a second later the joy on the mother's face. Yes, that is priceless. It really has an enormous impact what our bikes do for families, for those who can no longer ride a normal bike. And to see that up close and personal gave a lot of meaning to the work I do here."

5. What is your favorite Van Raam bike?

"My favorite bike is the VeloPlus, as you can see it's a bike where a wheelchair can be placed on the front. I like this bike so much because friends of ours also have such a bike. They have a son with a disability, he is severely limited, he can actually only feel. And then to have such a bike outside, is the most wonderful thing that can happen for such a boy. He feels the wind, he hears the people and in this way he is part of his environment, of society. Very good for the boy, for stimuli. For his parents a fantastic gift, that they can go around and realize a bit of happiness for their son in this way. And therefore also for me. The VeloPlus: I think it's a fantastic bike."

5 questions for Maikel Fraikin an information manager at Van Raam favorite bike VeloPlus

Maikel's favorite bike: VeloPlus

The VeloPlus is a bicycle that can be used to transport people in their own wheelchair. The wheelchair and passenger can be easily pushed on the tiltable platform without any lifting aids or great effort. The VeloPlus is suitable for a passenger and wheelchair of up to 140 kg as standard. Read more about the wheelchair transport bike on the product page.

View the VeloPlus

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