5 questions for an account manager at Van Raam - Video Richard Arnoldus


5 questions for an account manager at Van Raam - Video

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5 questions for an account manager at Van Raam - Video Richard Arnoldus

Richard Arnoldus is an account manager for the Netherlands at Van Raam. Get to know him better in this article with video in which we ask him 5 questions.

Video: 5 questions for an account manager at Van Raam

Tip: Dutch is spoken in this video. Feel free to turn on the subtitles for accompanying text and explanations. 

Questions and answers from a Van Raam account manager

In the video above 5 questions were asked to Richard Arnoldus, read his answers here:

1. Can you introduce yourself?

"My name is Richard Arnoldus. I am 50 years old. On September 1, 2020, I started at Van Raam as an account manager for the Netherlands. We have a whole sales team with colleagues where we serve the market both in the Netherlands and internationally. As a representative for Van Raam, my role is to speak to the dealers, the rehabilitation market, the WMO (Social Support Act in the Netherlands) suppliers and the rental market."

2. What makes it interesting to work at Van Raam?

"Wanting to help each other, learn from each other. Van Raam is super innovative, it is a very dynamic company. There's so much going on, it's a technical company with a lot of high-tech. And it's just very helpful, a great product to make people happy who have not been mobile for a long time and eventually, after coming into contact with Van Raam, can ride a bike again. And that's great!"

5 questions for an account manager at Van Raam - Video Richard Arnoldus

3. What is a common prejudice about your work?

"A prejudice of my work can be that people sometimes think 'ah, he's just driving around in his van doing his thing'. That is true, of course. You do a lot of driving around, but you also visit a lot of customers. Customers who have questions about a bicycle, customers who have questions about a product. In the end, you're just on the road a lot and visiting a lot of your customers to help them and provide them with our products."

5 questions for an account manager at Van Raam video working at Van Raam Richard Arnoldus

4. What is your most memorable Van Raam-moment?

"Yes, the most memorable moment was actually during a test ride. I went to a test ride on location with a VeloPlus and with a customer who is no longer mobile, who is bound to a wheelchair, and who ended up having such a wonderful experience that he became so happy after the carer had gone cycling with him, that I even had to wipe away a tear, because of the moment of happiness he had. And yes, that was a very memorable moment. 

I also find the growth that Van Raam has achieved and the investments that go with it very memorable. And yes, the entire management team with Jan-Willem, Ronald and Marjolein taking the lead in this. Yes, that's great. I find that memorable too."

5. What is your favorite Van Raam bike?

"As indicated, the VeloPlus. Look, the VeloPlus. My bike when it comes to helping people get mobile again who can't do it by themselves. Fantastic means of transport."

5 questions for an account manager at Van Raam video favorite bike VeloPlus Richard Arnoldus

Richard's favorite bike: VeloPlus

The VeloPlus is designed to transport people, who sit in their own wheelchair, by bike. There is no transfer needed between the wheelchair and the bike. The passenger is wheeled onto the bicycle's platform without any lifting aids or great effort. Read more about the VeloPlus on the product page.


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