5 questions for Van Raam Premium Dealer Welzorg Shop

Welzorg was founded in 1994, then under a different name. In 2000, the name was changed to Welzorg and since 2018, Welzorg Shop offers a wide range of Van Raam bicycles for private sales. Pascal Bakker, advisor of Welzorg Shop, is happy to tell you more about Welzorg Shop and the things that are unique to Welzorg Shop as a Van Raam Premium Dealer.

Showroom Welzorg Shop with Van Raam special needs bikes
The showroom of Welzorg Shop

1. Why did Welzorg Shop become a Van Raam Premium Dealer?

The company Welzorg itself was founded in 1994 when it left the GAK (Joint Administration Office) but was not yet called Welzorg. In 2000, the name was changed to Welzorg. Since 2010, Welzorg has been a subsidiary of Louwman Group. Welzorg is a specialist in the provision and maintenance of mobility aids for the physically disabled and the elderly.
Our goal is to increase the mobility and self-reliance of our clients. Turning limitations into opportunities, that's what we do it for. We believe that everyone can be active, in whatever way they choose. Our advice is based on the assumption that you want to be able to keep moving for as long as possible. Because exercise, even a little, is important for everyone. It is therefore appropriate to offer a wide range of special needs bikes!
In addition, personal advice, quality and service are in our DNA, and a partner/supplier like Van Raam fits the bill. Together with the customer, we make the best choice for his/her situation and possibilities. It makes us happy when we can put together the puzzle of the person, the situation and the right Van Raam bicycle!

"It makes us happy when we can put together the puzzle of the person, the situation and the right Van Raam bicycle!"
Welzorg Shop Van Raam Premium Dealer with Van Raam special needs bikes
The showroom of Welzorg Shop

2. How do you help customers who are looking for a Van Raam bicycle?

Do you want to be active and go out, regardless of your disability? Then you can come to us for a wide range of special needs bikes. Our experienced advisors will help you decide which mobility aid best suits you and your situation. We are also happy to advise on financing through PGB (personal budget) or Private Lease. And if we can't help you, we'll be honest and say so. Because it's all about the best solution for you!

Test ride and showroom

From February 2020, we are located in Vianen, near Utrecht, with a very spacious showroom where you can get personal advice at your leisure and take a free test ride with all the different models of Van Raam special needs bikes. We do however ask you to make an appointment in advance, so that we can reserve time for you with an advisor.
The advisors at the Welzorg Shop will be happy to help you with all your personal mobility needs. We can also provide you with information about, for example, a PGB (personal budget) and how to apply for this at the municipality. 

Options such as footrests can be mounted on a bike to try out during a test ride.


During the test ride, everything is clearly set out on paper in a quotation without any obligation. The final step in the process is delivery. We have Van Raam bicycles in stock. We also have a number of attractively priced showroom models at a discount, available from stock! We deliver the bicycles free of charge to your home and set them up properly straight away.

Welzorg Shop advisor of special needs bikes by Van Raam - Pascal
Pascal Bakker - adviseur van Welzorg Shop

3. How does Welzorg Shop help customers who already have a Van Raam bicycle?

It is important to us that our customers enjoy their purchase and that they are able to go out and about to the library, shop or just make a bike ride as a relaxation or hobby.

If you have taken out a service subscription when you bought your Van Raam bicycle, you can count on roadside assistance, repairs and maintenance 24/7. This service is included in the private lease of a Van Raam bicycle.

If there is a question or request, we try to think along with our customers as much as possible. We give a realistic answer, and sometimes that means no.

4. What is your best experience of a customer with a Van Raam bicycle?

Last year two Scottish people came to visit us, a very enthusiastic couple! They have a house near the Amsterdamse Bos (Amsterdam woods) and the owner wanted a side by side tandem bike so he could cycle through the woods together with his wife. They made a test ride on the Fun2Go (with pedal support) and eventually bought this bike themselves. The gentleman had a lot of care and attention for his wife, which touched us all.
When he called us, for example to discuss the delivery date, the contact was very personal and exuberant. We were also allowed to call him by his first name. We delivered the bike to the couple's holiday home and gave them instructions. They were very enthusiastic and happy to be able to make bicycle trips together with the Fun2Go! I like to take this as an example myself, to look positively at all the things that are possible!

"We delivered the bike to the couple's holiday home and gave them instructions. They were very enthusiastic and happy to be able to make bicycle trips together with the Fun2Go!"

5. What makes Welzorg Shop unique as a Van Raam Premium Dealer?

Professional advice and showroom

First of all, we distinguish ourselves by extensive expert advice and our personal approach. Our advisors have experience with all kinds of situations and know various limitations that allow you to cycle independently - or cycle together.
Another distinguishing feature is that we have almost the entire range of Van Raam bicycles in our showroom! You can view all Van Raam bicycles in our showroom in Vianen, and make a test ride. 

Available from stock

Van Raam bicycles are available from stock and can be ordered directly: Welzorg Shop has the most popular Van Raam bicycles (tricycles Easy Rider, Maxi, Midi and mobility scooter Easy Go) in stock, so we can deliver them quickly to you. After you have signed the offer, you will have your own bicycle at home in about 2 to 3 weeks. If we have to order the bicycle, e.g. for special specifications, the delivery time is longer.

Try-out bike

Have you tried out a Van Raam tricycle in our showroom? Would you like to test it at home after the test ride? This is possible with the try-out bike! The Van Raam Easy Rider, Maxi and Midi can be tested at home for one week! 


Welzorg Shop can give you advice about various options for financing a Van Raam bicycle if you do not want to pay the total sum in one go. 

  • With a private lease, you pay a fixed amount per month and you are completely carefree: you use a brand new bike, maintenance and roadside assistance or repair including parts are included.
  • A PGB (Personal Budget) gives you freedom in choosing your mobility aid. For example, if you want to choose a heavier battery or motor or your own colour of electric tricycle. Or when the municipality, through the WMO, allows you to get a mobility scooter, but you would rather use a tricycle with electrical support. In cases like these, a PGB can be a good choice. 
  • Would you like to sport with a Van Raam Easy Rider or Easy Sport? Uniek Sport Hulpmiddelen (Unique Sports Aid) may be able to provide a financial contribution. Only when the existing institutions have been approached and this has led to rejection or only partial reimbursement of the required amount. 
Service subscriptions

We have service subscriptions for breakdown assistance, maintenance and repairs. Do you want to be sure of 24/7 roadside assistance? A package that includes annual maintenance? A service package that includes repairs and parts? Then choose a Welzorg service subscription when you purchase your (electric) Van Raam tricycle! 

Trade-in your Van Raam bicycle

Trading in a ('young used') Van Raam bicycle is negotiable. However, this depends on age, use, etc.

"Our advisors have experience with all kinds of situations and know various limitations that allow you to cycle independently - or cycle together."
5 questions for Van Raam Premium Dealer Welzorg Shop - Easy Rider tricycles in showroom

Pascal's favorite Van Raam bicycle: The Easy Rider tricycle

The Van Raam Easy Rider is a modern, sporty bike. You could even ride this tricycle without a disability! This tricycle also fits well with our mission "Passion to move people" and literally puts it into practice!

View the Easy Rider

Customer experiences of bikes sold by Welzorg Shop

Easy Sport recumbent trike

"Due to balance problems, cycling on a normal bicycle is no longer possible. The Easy Sport recumbent bicycle is my first adapted bicycle and I really like it!"

Erik from Utrecht - Utrecht

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VeloPlus wheelchair bike

"I am Kevin (14) and I live at home with my parents. I can't talk and I am wheelchair dependent. I love to go outside and cycle around on the VeloPlus wheelchair bike with my mom and dad."

Kevin van der Plas - Katwijk aan Zee

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Maxi tricycle

"Since my childhood I have been riding a Van Raam tricycle and I have been using the Maxi for a while now via the WMO (Social Support Act). Without my tricycle I would never have been able to cycle!"

Dominique van Steijn - Den Helder

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More about Van Raam Premium Dealers

It is possible to order a Van Raam bicycle at a Van Raam Premium Dealer. A Premium Dealer has at least the following bicycles in his showroom:

The dealer has product knowledge and a specialist is present. Furthermore, a workplace and skills to perform service are present. Read more about the different types of Van Raam dealers