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User experience Easy Sport recumbent bicycle - Erik from Utrecht

User experience Easy Sport recumbent bicycle - Erik from Utrecht
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My name is Erik, I am 58 years old and I am from Utrecht. My hobbies are cooking, playing golf, sailing and cycling. Because of balance problems, cycling on a normal bike is no longer possible. The Easy Sport recumbent tricycle is my first adapted bicycle, which I have been using since July 2019. Before that I rode one of Moof S3 and a racing bike.

Easy Sport recumbent trike
(RAL9016) White / Mattblack
Pedal assist
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First experience with an adapted tricycle

Acquaintances of mine have an Easy Rider. I could borrow this bike from them so I could experience the a tricycle rides. I liked this so much that I started looking at the possibilities. On the website of Van Raam I was able to find all the information I was looking for.

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Contact and service with dealer Welzorg in De Meern (now located in Vianen)

The dealer where I ordered my bike is Welzorg in De Meern (now located in Vianen). Here I have been in contact with Pascal (Sales and Service) and with Joanne (Formula Manager). I knew about the possibility of a test ride at the Van Raam showroom, but because this is a long distance for me, I made my test drives at Welzorg in De Meern (now located in Vianen). The contact with Welzorg went very well. Pascal took a lot of time to explain the Easy Rider at first, but when I was allowed to test drive the Easy Sport I was sold! The test ride has led to the fact that instead of a new seat tricycle Easy Rider, I have now opted for the recumbent tricycle Easy Sport.

There was no further pressure on the sales process; I didn't feel obligated to buy a bike. Before I made my decision, I visited Welzorg several times and each time I experienced the same personal attention.
Even after the purchase, the Welzorg service remained at the same high level. Questions I had were answered quickly, even if Van Raam had to be consulted before. In addition, Joanne is very passionate; without me asking for it, she searched for information that matches my cycling wishes. In any case, you don't get the feeling that 'the bike has been sold and now you can figure it out for yourself'.
After 6 weeks the Easy Sport arrived. And again, a good service! When the bike was delivered it was raining cats and dogs. Pascal then put the bike in the van and took me and the bike home dry.

What's so nice is that other Easy Sport user recognize the bike and then greet each other, as if we were motorcyclists.

Erik from Utrecht

Experiences with the Easy Sport recumbent tricycle

I have been using the bike for a couple of months now and I really like it! The Easy Sport is comfortable, yet sporty. The bike has a large range (the distance that can be covered) and I experience a feeling of freedom while riding thanks to the understeer. I once experienced a small child sitting in a chair on his mother's bike and saying to his mother: "Look at Mommy, the gentleman is riding a bike without a steer!" I liked that.

In terms of options, I have a balance pedal with instep strap, which keeps my foot firmly on the pedal during cycling. I use the bike daily, for example for my shopping, trips to the city and tours. What's so nice is that you notice that Easy Sport riders recognize the bike and then greet each other, as if we were motorcyclists.

Van Raam app

I also use the Van Raam E-bike app. Welzorg informed me about this and installed the app for me on my mobile phone. The functionalities I use are the trip meter, the average speed and the maximum speed.

Erik – Utrecht
Type: Easy Sport

Pros & cons
  • Comfortable
  • Sporty appearance
  • Large radius of action
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