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Marjolein Boezel Boost pioneer Van Raam

Together with companies, the Boost platform wants to provide clean and smart industry in the East of the Netherlands. The idea is that the industry of this region is ready for the future and remains relevant. Read in this article more about Boost, smart industry, social innovation and what Van Raam has to do with it.

A Boost for companies in the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel

The Smart Industry organisation is a programme set up by the Dutch government to integrate smart industry among (Dutch) companies.

The term ‘smart industry’ includes the digitisation of equipment, production methods and organisations. This enables devices and machines to be interconnected and controlled in a smart way. Think for example of 3D printing, Virtual Reality and social innovation. Further on in the article more will be explained about social innovation and what social innovation means at Van Raam.

For the provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, in the Netherlands, the independent platform Boost was set up by Smart Industry. This platform serves as a navigator and strengthening force to help integrate smart industry and circular entrepreneurship in the east of the Netherlands.

A circular business model means dealing with products in an efficient and smart way, for example by producing as little waste as possible and reusing materials as much as possible.

Boost helps companies to grow together in a smart way by identifying opportunities, accelerating developments, sharing knowledge and connecting businesses and other parties. They do this to ensure a sustainable and competitive industry in the east of the Netherlands in the future. (Source: Boost Smart Industry)

Read more about smart industry in the Netherlands on the Smart Industry website.

Website Smart Industry

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The logo of Boost Smart Industry

Van Raam as Pioneer at Boost

It is important for companies to respond to changes in the economy in a fast and correct way. Social innovation is very important for this. Social innovation focuses on the active involvement of employees in the company. The importance of this is still underestimated by many companies.

For this reason Boost founded the Pioneers programme, in which Van Raam is also one of the pioneers in the province of Gelderland. The pioneering companies get the best out of their employees, create new opportunities together and realise structural innovation in their work process and employment relations. The aim of the pioneers is to raise awareness and integrate the smart industry and the importance of social innovation with other entrepreneurs. Read more about the pioneers on the Boost website (in Dutch). (Source: Boost Smart Industry)

Van Raam Marjolein Boezel pioneer Boost foto Vraag en Aanbof Rolf Ellingng
Photo: Vraag en Aanbod - Rolf Elling

By automating tasks, the employee has more time for other more interesting tasks, and he has the opportunity to learn.

Marjolein Boezel

Marjolein Boezel and social innovation at Van Raam

The boost website features an interview with Marjolein Boezel (Financial/HRM director at Van Raam) in which the social innovation at Van Raam is discussed.

Marjolein Boezel explains that Van Raam has been involved in social innovation since the beginning, but that the name did not yet exist. Because Van Raam grew fast and is still growing, it soon became clear that not everything could be done on its own. For this reason the work processes are examined to see what could be done in a smarter way and how knowledge could be kept up to date. This still applies nowadays, and a lot of attention is given to this. When employees gain knowledge, are enthusiastic and enjoy their work, they will motivate their colleagues as well.
In order to achieve this, the types of work that were repetitive, presented little challenge and could be automated were identified. By automating those tasks, the employee has more time for other more interesting tasks, and he has the opportunity to learn. Despite the automation that has taken place within Van Raam, personal contact also remains very important. Among other things, we look at what every employee needs in order to grow. Marjolein often says that every employee at Van Raam is an ambassador, even a departing one. If you do everything with that in mind, you’re on the right path. In this way, Van Raam has motivated employees, to work every day to make the best special needs bicycles. Read the entire interview with Marjolein on the website of Boost (in Dutch).
 At Van Raam, the processes and products are continuously renewed. Read more on the innovation page by clicking on the button.

Van Raam Innovation

Marjolein Boezel Boost pioneer Van Raam
The photo taken of Marjolein Boezel for the interview with Boost.

Van Raam bicycle factory ready for the future

From the beginning it was important that Van Raam’s new bicycle factory would be a sustainable factory, so that the factory would be ready for the future. This was done by among other things, solar panels, geothermal heat pumps and a vertical ventilation system, among other things. Thanks to this new sustainable factory, Van Raam is one of the winners of Gelderland’s factory of the Future. The province of Gelderland wants to help companies make the transition to a clean and smart industry with this.

Read more in the article ‘Van Raam wins the Gelderland Factory of the Future price’.
Or read more about the sustainable factory by clicking on the button.

Van Raam sustainable factory

Van Raam bicycle factory Varsseveld solar panels
The Van Raam bicycle factory in Varsseveld with the solar panels on the roof.
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