Wheelchair bicycles

Van Raam's wheelchair bicycles can be used to transport someone who has a wheelchair by bike as well. Van Raam has two models of the wheelchair bicycles: the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bicycle and the OPair wheelchair bicycle.

OPair wheelchair bike Van Raam
  • Transport someone who is in a wheelchair
  • Adjustable seat
  • Suitable for children and adults
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Van Raam VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike
  • Wheelchair user and a driver
  • Wheelchair user can sit in her or his wheelchair
  • Easy to ride a wheelchair on it due to the tilted ramp
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OPair wheelchair bicycle

With the OPair wheelchair bicycle, the passenger is seated in the front of the bicycle. The standard seat is adjustable in many different ways. If you want, you can fit your own seat. Optionally, the wheelchair section can be disconnected from the bicycle and used independently as a wheelchair.
The OPair wheelchair bicycle was completely renewed in 2017 and has improved ride comfort with new modern design and renewed wheel suspension. The improved comfortable passenger seat has become more accessible.

Would you like more information about the new OPair?
Read a detailed description + all details about these changes in the article: 'Discover the new and improved OPair wheelchair bicycle'.

Wheelchair bicycle VeloPlus

With the VeloPlus wheelchair transport bicycle, the passenger can stay in their own wheelchair. Almost any hand-powered wheelchair can be easily and quickly ridden and locked into place onto the tilting platform of the wheelchair bicycle by a single person. Without heavy exertion and without a transfer, the personal wheelchair can be placed on the bicycle.

Would you like more information about the new VeloPlus?

The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike was completely renewed in October 2016! Check out the information page about the updated VeloPlus wheelchair bike.


Advantages of wheelchair bicycles

  • They can be used until the user is very close to their destination.
  • There is social interaction between the two people using it.
  • You are not dependent on third parties for transportation.
  • Wheelchair bicycles are environmentally friendly.

With optional pedal support, it is possible for almost everyone to easily travel long distances on the wheelchair bicycles under almost all conditions.

The wheelchair bicycles and wheelchair transport bikes are also widely used in institutions and homes because it is relatively easy to use for many different people with a disability.

Various options for Wheelchair bicycles
Van Raam wheelchairs are also available with pedal support as electric bicycles. There are many possible adjustments and accessories available to make the bike suitable for everyone.


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