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new wheelchair bike opair van raam

Together with end users, the latest technological advances, and the most modern materials, Van Raam has developed a completely new wheelchair bike: the OPair3. The new OPair wheelchair bikes are available for order at a Van Raam dealer starting April 3rd 2017.

The new OPair: a safe, stable, and stylish wheelchair bike

The OPair's purpose is simple: a safe, stable, and stylish wheelchair bike fit for transporting any wheelchair user. However, achieving that goal was no simple task.

Jolien Heeman (R&D manager) explaines: "It is a technologically complex product, given the fact that two people use it at the same time, while both have different needs. We really delved into the world of the user in order to have this project succeed. Not only existing OPair users, but also new users were involved in an early stage to find out what they needed from this vehicle. For our engineers, it was a very rewarding moment, because you truly realize how much impact your design can have on the daily life of regular users."   

head designers of the new opair wheelchair bike
Head-designers of the new OPair: Patrick Kolenbrander and Oliver Davina

New, modern materials and techniques

Technology is a major part of a bike's success, but emotions play an important role too. Our main point was that we wanted to use new, modern materials and techniques, but not to the point that the technological aspect would become overwhelming. Our head-designers have different educational backgrounds, which made it a real team effort. 

Jolien Heeman: "The team composition resulted in several internal discussions. Both the look and feel of the bike were vehemently represented as well as the operational technological aspects. This culminated in a wonderful bout of cooperation where all involved engineers showed the best of their skills. Not that they're truly happy; there's always room to improve and they would love to show that in their next project. I am proud to have such ambitious colleagues, they make all the difference for our customers!"

Curious about the development of the OPair over the years? Take a look and read more in 'Van Raam wheelchair bike OPair over the years'.

The new and improved OPair  

✓ innovative steering for safe, stable, and communicative on-road handling
✓ independently suspended front wheels for optimal comfort
✓ direct steering enables quick steering corrections
✓ a better driving experience for both driver and passenger

✓ modern look with a high quality finish
✓ fresh new colorways
✓ larger back wheel for more dynamic movement
✓ challenging and functional design
✓ improved and safe wheel protection

new wheelchair bike opair van raam

✓ depth adjustable seating  
✓ adjustable back and side rests for optimal support 
✓ soft and easy to clean seats 
✓ hip seatbelt and arm rests for the passenger  

✓ standard 8 gears 
✓ good sitting posture (Holland-sitting-position)
✓ improved steering

✓ two raisable and adjustable foot rests
✓ free entry for the passenger   

✓ electric motor (with the Van Raam app)
✓ Split frame: fast and simple disconnection with improved connector 
✓ firm stand for cycling component with split frame
✓ adjustable head rest
✓ adjustable seat width
✓ to be expanded with many other options like foot fixation and 4-point and 5-point seatbelts

The video below gives you a taste of the new OPair wheelchair bike. View detailed information such as technical information, photographs, prices, etc. on the OPair wheelchair bike page.

Pros of the OPair wheelchair bike

Compared to other wheelchair bikes, the OPair has a number of other pros (alongside its modern and fresh vibe):

  • high quality frame made in the Netherlands

  • suitable for both children and adults

  • excellent seating for both passengers in the seat in front as well as the cycling user

  • slightly angled wheels for increased driving comfort and stability

  • two separate raisable foot rests for passenger

  • available in just about every RAL color

  • optional base plate suitable for a R82 reception adapter, enabling users to affix their own orthotic seat

  • option to disconnect the wheelchair aspect from the cycling component

If an electric motor is used, you can cycle both forwards and backwards with applied cycling support.

Read more information about the VeloPlus wheelchair bike

VeloPlus and OPair wheelchair bikes Van Raam
VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike and OPair wheelchair bike.

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