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Customer experience Midi 3 tricycle - Dinie Mengerink

Customer experience Van Raam Midi 3 tricycle Dinie Mengerink avatar
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In this customer experience, Dinie Mengerink shares her story about her second-hand Midi tricycle, which restored her mobility and brought back her enjoyment of cycling.

Midi tricycle
15 July 2022 purchased
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Second-hand tricycle

In July 2022, I purchased the Midi tricycle second-hand from Spijkerman bicycle shop in Haarle. The bike was almost brand new, with a lovely basket and 8 gears, without pedal assistance. The seller advised me to test the tricycle for a few weeks before purchasing it, which was very considerate. I am extremely happy with the Midi!

Rediscovering the joy of cycling

I have asthma myself and had a new hip fitted years ago. I was too afraid to ride a traditional bike, but now I can fully enjoy cycling again. Previously, I would drive everywhere, even to the neighbors, because we live in a rural area. I can only walk about 100 meters with my crutch. But I enjoy cycling so much! Going a little further each time. And exercising is good for my asthma.

Customer experience Van Raam Midi 3 tricycle Dinie Mengerink


I wouldn't want to be without the Midi 3 tricycle anymore! I wholeheartedly recommend the Midi to everyone. Although, I would suggest taking some lessons from an occupational therapist first, because riding a tricycle isn't something you just do right away.

Dinie Mengerink – Haarle, Netherlands
Bike: Midi 3 tricycle

Pros & cons
  • The Midi has 8 gears
  • I can enjoy cycling again
  • The Midi doesn't fit in the car
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