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Customer experience Ari Derboven – Midi tricycle

Customer experience Ari Derboven – Midi tricycle
9 / 10

Ari Derboven lives in Herselt (Belgium) and has recently purchased a Midi tricycle. In the beginning there was some embarrassment, but now Ari even sees his tricycle as the best purchase he has ever made. Read more about the experiences of Ari, his Midi and his dog Cliff in this customer experience.

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Purchase Midi tricycle

I am quite short and I have a handicap. Thanks to Van Raam's Midi tricycle I can still go to places I want to go. I bought the Midi from a distributor of wheelchairs and tricycles and got it for a special price because it had been used by people to practice with tricycles.

The best purchase I've ever made

My life has become much easier now. I can sit on the bike and 'walk' through the woods with my dog or I'm going shopping by bike. In the beginning there was some embarrassment when I went outside, but gradually that diminished, also because people said: "What a good idea, don't care too much about what others may think!" Now I am very happy with my tricycle.

Customer experience Midi tricycle Ari Derboven

What a fantastisch bike. It's the best purchase I've ever made!

Ari Derboven

An electric tricycle

There also will be pedal support on my Midi soon. My knees don't work so well anymore and an electric tricycle makes me fully mobile again. When I have pedal support, I can go to the market in the village again. Mobility is important for me, without my tricycle I'm tied to my home and that's no fun. Especially in these corona times it's important to be able to fo to the forest, take pictures and breathe some good air. Hopefully the pedal support will give me even more freedom, now it's a little fumbling with my handicap sometimes.

When I'm in the forest with Cliff and I see the forest ranger she kindly says: "Cliff should be in the basket." Then he goes in the basket until we get home, although he never runs away and always stays next to the bike.

Ari Derboven – Herselt (Belgium)
Model: Midi tricycle

Pros & cons
  • Life has become easier
  • I can still go to places
  • 'Walk' throught the woods with my dog
  • Grocery shopping
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